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Are You Placing All Your Eggs in One Basket?

We can all agree that traffic generation is the life blood of internet marketing right?  Without continuous traffic, even the best campaigns and the most enticing offers will be rendered utterly useless.  Most marketers set aside an allotted time out of their busy schedules in order to work on producing fresh faces to view their sites/offers.

Everyone has their own forte; their own specific methods of achieving traffic to their pages.  Unfortunately, far too many marketers get bogged down with ONLY one method, otherwise leaving a lot of potential traffic on the table and also leaving their sites vulnerable if something were to negate that method overnight.  For instance, there were a lot of marketers that relied so heavily on organic traffic from search results that they lost everything once Google started to play with their algorithm. They never adapted a new strategy to keep potential customers flowing in.

With the ever changing world of the internet, it is essential to have multiple, viable sources of traffic. What if Google changes their algorithm and your site is no longer ranked at the top of the page (which may happen time and time again)?  What if another site that has a bankroll the size of a small country moves into your niche and begins targeting your keywords?  They may have the means to steal your organic traffic if they have a fleet of contractors working around the clock.  Even if you provide a higher quality product, information, and buyer experience, it may still be an uphill battle.

If organic traffic dries up, will you be able to successfully produce enough potential consumers via paid traffic without it dramatically affecting your income? If you rely heavily on Facebook or social media, what would you do if they suddenly changed their TOS, rendering your ads useless or perhaps changing the placement of your ads all together? Your business could dry up faster than a small puddle in July. Of course, these are a lot of “what ifs” and may never happen.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen this happen before to many entrepreneurs over the years, so the threat is feasible. Would you be willing to bet your entire business on the hopes that a single traffic stream doesn’t ever hit a hiccup?

I want to be 100% clear and state that I am not advocating that you spend countless hours bouncing around from one traffic stream to another.  Quite the contrary. The best approach is to master a single avenue of traffic and then automate it (or as close to automated as possible). Once you have that single approach perfected and automated to a point where it takes minimal time to maintain, then you will be able to progress on to the next method and master/automate that as well. This cycle is continuous. Eventually, you will be able to find what methods produce the best results with the least amount of time/money and focus your efforts there.

The other methods that you’ve worked on should be kept as back ups, in case anything hinders your primary method. That way, your business will continue to generate revenue no matter what the online climate may be. One of the marks of a successful Internet Marketer is when they are able to produce revenue consistently, time and time again.  Life would be difficult if your profits dramatically increased and decreased month to month. That is no way to live. By creating multiple streams of traffic, you can ensure that your revenue is consistent no matter what happens.


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