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Facebook Ads – Start a Conversation

Facebook has had a meteoric rise in popularity with internet marketing, and there are now ebooks abound for tapping into it’s many ways of advertising and increasing traffic to your sites and products. One of the best ways, as always, is PPC on Facebook. You can expect to see thousands of geo and demographically targeted visitors hitting your page for much less than Google Adwords or similar PPC methods. In fact, if done right, Facebook advertising can be one of the most cost effective paid advertising methods available to you and when you consider that Facebook has over 150 Million ...

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Ning Networks – Another Weapon of Mass Interaction

An often overlooked service in Social Media is Ning.com. As social platforms go, this site is pretty incredible, and is used by internet marketers to full effect, because it is so targeted and easy to advertise your products and services – in a very clandestine way. Whilst not a free service, they do offer a very clever twist on social marketing. Ning has over 300,000 active networks, and each network can contain thousands of users. The networks are run by individuals who provide media rich mini-sites, which can feature anything from Facebook integration to streaming media.

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7 Powerful Ways Social Media will Change your Business Forever

Social media is one of the most powerful new marketing tools for business.  In fact it is safe to say that if your business has not taken advantage of social media, then your business may get left behind in the dust. The proliferation of social media into our daily lives has exploded in 2009. Every day reveals a new form of social media from our phones to new social networks appearing on the Internet. Some may argue social media today is chaotic with so many apps, widgets, countless features, and tools all fighting for a piece of the social media ...

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Social Media Marketing – How to Spot the Influencers

It seems that every day social networking is becoming more and more part of our daily lives. In each of these areas of social networking, depending on the interests and market, there are people who have major influence. These authority figures will greatly affect our decision-making process and the decision-making process a your target market as they have created the “Authority” and garnered the trust of their follower base.

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