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Facebook profile or page

Facebook Profile or Page: Which One Works for You?

Facebook profile or page – that is the choice many businesses, both online and offline have to make when they create a Facebook account. But if you don’t know the purpose of each – and each of their limitations as well – then picking the right choice becomes more difficult. Plus, with Facebook, it’s hard to “undo” an account, as you can’t delete it once you make it. But we’ll talk about that in a few moments. So to answer the issue of Facebook profile or page, it’s not always a cut and dried as it might seem. Both give ...

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What is search engine marketing

What is Search Engine Marketing?

What is search engine marketing? Search engine marketing, or SEM, is to your promotional tactics as search engine optimization is to your organic search tactics. Basically, once you’ve finished your SEO on the page, you need to go all SEM on it. This is usually done through social media venues and RSS. There are more and more search engine marketing tactics coming out every day. Tactics for using Facebook and Twitter are constantly getting altered as smaller social media platforms start taking center stage. Sites like Tumblr are becoming more prevalent for small businesses and large websites alike, and Pinterest ...

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Pinterest invitation

Pinterest Invitation: Adding Your Website to Pinterest

Pinterest invitation buzz is all over the internet. Why? Because this up and coming social media network now boasts over 11 million users and is growing daily. But what could have been “just another social network” is shaping up to be more fun than Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr combined. A Pinterest invitation is necessary for consumers who want to use Pinterest. And while it doesn’t appear that businesses need to sign up for a Pinterest invitation (which is free, by the way; you only need to input your email address to place your name on the list), it’s probably a ...

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How to use Tumblr

How to Use Tumblr to Promote Your Website

How to use Tumblr – this is something a lot of website owners want to know so they can expand their social media presence. Tumblr, like any good social network, enables users to post updates via text, photo and video. But there’s a certain recipe to making a successful Tumblr website. This guide will show you how to use Tumblr in such a way that you attract visitors and keep them coming back for more. And this website, unlike Facebook and Twitter, lets you customize your page to more easily brand your blog, so to speak. So not only does ...

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Foursquare for business

Foursquare for Business: Expanding Your Social Base

Foursquare for business probably isn’t the first social networking idea that might pop into your head when you hear an expert talk about the importance of social media for your website. In fact, you might have written off Foursquare as a waste of time, an application only necessary for teens and the occasional adult with nothing better to do than “check in” everywhere they go. But if you want to expand your customer or website visitor base – and ratchet up your sales in the process – then Foursquare for business is something you should consider, rather than overlook. This ...

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