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Social Privacy and Ethical Marketing


The privacy lawsuits and problems, which have shocked many people online, have been a widely debated topic in internet marketing. Some marketers are capitalizing on certain holes in privacy to target a demographic that would otherwise have been impossible (or in the very least difficult) before the advent of Facebook and other social sharing sites.

The craziest thing is, not one of us will hold our hands up and say we don’t like geo-targeting a campaign that has been possible because of slack privacy on the social media site’s behalf. We are out here to make money, and as long as the person we are targeting actually knows about their personal data being made public, then why should we indeed have issues about targeting them?

The fact of the matter is, any personal data that has been made public, has now been made that way by the owner of said data. So you don’t have to feel bad about contacting them with relevant information any more! One website, OpenBook has started a mission to rid the internet of senseless privacy ignorance, and makes searching Facebook statuses available to everyone in the world. Whilst you would have thought certain status updates would be private (such as updates to friends about cell phone number changes for example), most of these updates are made public.

Whilst I’m not suggesting for one minute that you use this for evil(!), it does present you with the opportunity to fine tune your Facebook marketing. For example, if you were promoting a new social media guide, you might want to know who was reading about Facebook marketing:


You could then add these people, and strike up a conversation about the topic.

There are millions of ways you could use this, but unfortunately there are people who will use it for the wrong reasons. I hope you find some great uses for it!


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