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Social Media Photos for Your Business

Social media photos that drive traffic Social media photosto your website and convert into sales are hard to take if you don’t have a photo-friendly business. That’s why it’s frustrating for a number of internet marketers who read about how much they need to be present in image-driven social media. Sites like Pinterest and Instagram and TwitPic-ing, as well as Facebook photo tagging for discussion topics are all great ways to build your follower list and drive traffic, but what if you don’t have a business that lends itself to photo-taking?

This is what many business owners ask themselves as they read their e-letters raving about social media sites each morning. It can be frustrating, to say the least, when the lady selling cat outfits is doing better than your acne site is simply based on the fact that people would rather look at cat pictures than acne ones. But don’t give up just yet. Social media photos and photo ops make themselves apparent in more ways than one, so let’s explore them here.

Social Media Photos You Can Take Anytime

Social media photos that help drive traffic are as simple as taking outdoor photos or pictures of you in action behind your computer. Seriously, people will comment on just about anything. Heck, you can even take a picture of the morning coffee you drink to stimulate your brain cells into writing that next big ebook. Anything and everything visual is king with social media photos, so don’t think your business is exempt just because you don’t sell pet products or Italian shoes.

If you have kids, take pictures of them and post them for people to comment on. People love kids, especially when they’re into messes. If you work at home, I’m sure your kids have distracted you at one point or another during your workday. Social media photos can be taken when you take a break to play outside with them, capture their latest clay creation or post their recent sketch art on your blog.

As you see, these photos really have nothing to do with your business or your work. They’re simply used as supplemental media for when you have no creative media inspired by your business or your website. After all, let’s admit it: you’d rather see a picture of your favorite IM guru’s pet than the guru’s product. It’s human nature – humanity is simply more interesting than some of that other stuff.

Social Media Photos Don’t Have to Look Professional

Too many internet marketers get wrapped in making all their produce look perfect. They don’t stop until they’re 100% satisfied that they’ve done 100% perfectly on whatever it is they’re posting. Don’t cripple your social media photos by trying to take them in perfect light and then airbrushing them. Just post them as is, and I guarantee you’ll have better success with your photos. It might take a while for your pictures to take off, but trust me – social media photos are the way of the online future, so don’t give up!

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