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Social Media Branding: Merging Social With Your Image

Your social media outlets can be a big part of your company’s image. For many customers, it’s the main way they interface with you. They can’t call or email you, but on social media, they can have a real interaction with you.

That’s why it’s so important that your social media represents your brand. How do you want your company to come across? What do you want customers to think of when they see your logo?

Here’s how to use social media to shape your brand.Social Media Branding

The “Feel” of the Page

The most important thing to pay attention to is the “feel” of your brand and the “feel” of your Facebook page, Twitter page and other social media pages.

If you’re branding yourself as a high class, luxury brand, then your social media pages should likewise feel high class and luxury. If you’re branding yourself as fun and off the wall, then your social media should feel the same.

What kind of first impression does your social media page make? The first impression is often the most important impression.

Logos, Facebook Covers, Twitter Backgrounds

The imagery on your social media websites is crucial. Make sure it matches your website. Make the colors match, as well as the overall style.

You might not want to use the exact same images. Again, just make sure the images you use “feel” the same as the rest of your website and the rest of your branding.

It’s almost always a worthwhile investment to have a professional designer create unique Facebook covers and Twitter backgrounds for you.

The Company Voice

Spend some time developing your company’s voice. This is especially important if the voice isn’t you. Write down on a piece of paper exactly what the company’s voice sounds like. Is it jovial, like a buddy? Or is it professor-like…an expert voice? How old is the speaker of the voice? Does it make jokes?

Even if the “voice” isn’t a real person, it can be useful to write out these qualities. Then, any time you need to figure out if a post is the “right voice,” just refer back to that document.

Guidelines for Customer Interactions

Likewise, it helps to write out general principles and guidelines for customer interactions. The actual interactions you have with your customers represent your brand more than anything else.

Zappos is the perfect example of this. They make it their mission to go above and beyond to help their customers. They’ll even recommend a competitor’s product just to make sure the customer finds what they want. Their philosophy is that if they make one customer happy, they’ll be a customer for life. That’s a big part of why they were acquired by Amazon for over a billion dollars.


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