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Social Marketing Examples: Way to Market Your Website

Social marketing examples will help you determine Social marketing exampleshow you can market your website for free using popular social networking platforms. Here we’ll discuss three of the top social networking platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

If you’ve never seen social marketing examples before, or are new to the subject, don’t worry. We’ll start with just the basics for now. Just know that, for the most part, social marketing is fairly easy, especially when compared with graphic designing or website coding.

Social Marketing Examples: Facebook

Facebook is an incredibly popular social network, both in the personal and commercial sectors. Promoting your website on Facebook is easy when you create a Facebook page and gain “likes” from your fans. Here’s how it works.

Your first step is to create a Facebook fan page. This is different from a personal profile. This is a page that holds information about your website, your URL, your company logo and any updates you might want to post on your wall. Instead of posting personal statuses on the wall, post information relevant to your website’s niche.

How do you make money? First, you need to gain Facebook likes. You can promote your page through a number of social marketing examples or hire someone to collect likes for you. Then, you send out promotional status updates on a regular basis that send your fans to your website to purchase a product. Of course, you still need to post informational updates that don’t contain promotions so that your followers don’t tire of “getting sold” every time they read a post.

Social Marketing Examples: Twitter

You’ve probably heard of social marketing examples that revolve a lot around Twitter. It’s true – Twitter is one of the easiest methods of communication that you can use to gain followers and post updates. In fact, it’s generally easier than using Facebook.

With Twitter, you can post similarly to the way you post on Facebook. Combine non-promotional tweets with your promotional ones. Shorten URLs with URL-shortening techniques so you have more room in the tweet to explain your latest product or promotion.

Make sure you always maintain your professionalism on Twitter and Facebook. Trash talk about other users, companies or websites should not be part of your tweet stream. Neither should gossip or offensive language. You want anyone of any age to be able to read your tweets without feeling offended due to the nature of insulting behavior.

Social Marketing Examples: YouTube

YouTube is one of the world’s favorite websites for many reasons, one of them being that it’s so easy to promote visual content that you can find on search engines. By selecting the right keywords to add to your videos, you can promote offers via video that would be much less interesting – or not as eye-catching – to offer via textual means.

The great thing about YouTube videos is that they’re also social network friendly in other ways. For instance, you can use both of your Twitter and Facebook profiles to promote your YouTube videos, so they get double the exposure they’d have received without this method.

Social marketing is not only fun, it’s a (mostly) free way of advertising your products and building your brand. The sooner you get started with these social marketing examples, the sooner you’ll build your internet empire!

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