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Simple Copywriting Tips For Maximum Profits

copywriting2Copywriting, what is it and why does it matter? Well whether or not you’ve noticed it, you’ve read some form of sales copy at one time or another. You could be watching a television commercial, an online banner ad or just reading a magazine insert, either way it’s copywriting at work.

Copywriting is the art of selling people something with words above all else. If you need to do your own copy then it can be a bit intimidating and for the most part it looks a lot easier than it actually is.

However, there are some things you can put into practice that will help get you great results. Here are some great copywriting tips for beginners.

Tip #1.) Don’t be afraid of long sales copy.
There is a common belief that the more copy you have on a page the less likely people will be to read it and actually respond to it. While this may be true in some markets and niches, generally speaking the more you write the better the response will be. Of course this won’t hold true if your entire copy fails to impress or persuade people, but it’s still an important component.

Tip #2.) Throw in some humor.
Using humor and light-hearted writing can help build a relationship and get people to consider you a more credible source of information. This of course helps with persuading the reader to do what you want them to do, like make a sale or opt-in to a newsletter for example.

Tip #3.) Be extremely clear and concise.
If you’re selling something, make it perfectly clear what it is. Avoid being vague and general at all costs and give people the facts. Tell them what they get, why it’s valuable and why they need it (or why they should think they need it!). There is no other sure fire way to kill a sales copy than by being general or distracting about what the actual offer is. Remember the whole idea is to get people to perform a desired action and any effort you can make to simplify it will help dramatically.

Tip #4.) Build value.
The more you build value throughout your copy the better you will be able to convert those viewers into actual actions (sales, leads, etc.) You can achieve this through being detailed and specific about what you’re offering and actually offering something of value. Even if you have got a low end profit that is targeted towards a beginner in a market, that still holds value to that target market so don’t be afraid to build up the value of something seemingly small like a short report or downloadable software program.

While these copywriting tips for beginners focus on some of the main basic elements for successful copy it’s always a good idea to do as much research as possible. If you’re serious about actually getting good results from your copy then learning more of the advanced tactics is a great idea and well worth the time invested.

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