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SEO Tutorials: Step by Step Tips for Your Website

SEO tutorials are a dime a dozen these days. SEO tutorialsA simple search for SEO tutorials brings up millions of results, but which ones can you trust to be right? Worse yet, many of those tutorials are “free.” There’s nothing wrong with that, except there’s often an upsell or some sort of back-end sale the site owner wants to rope you into. Depending upon the site, you’ll get quite a runaround when trying to sift through the pages to find good information.

When you look for SEO tutorials, check the age of the document you’re looking at. If it’s a blog post, you can usually find the date easily. Why is the date so important? Partially because so many SEO algorithms change all the time, and certain information gets outdated quickly. Some advice is timeless, but others do tend to change from time to time. This guide will give you a few of those “timeless” tips you can  use for building your website the SEO-friendly way.

SEO Tutorials: A Word About Creating Links

How you build your links in blog posts, blog pages or website pages can make all the difference between getting found in the search engines and having Google search elsewhere. It’s always, always, always about the keywords, especially where your links are concerned. What does this mean for link creation?

SEO tutorials usually tell you to include the keywords somehow in your link. But in these SEO tutorials, you’ll see how best to create your links for optimum SEO friendliness.

Categories and subfolders are fine, but where blogs are concerned, the less folders you have to go through to reach the keyword phrase, the better. If you can build your link so that you have your regular domain, a backslash and then the keyword phrase, you’ll make the search engines happy. There’s always some controversy in SEO tutorials over whether to put dashes or underscores between each word in the keyword phrase. Ideally, you should use dashes, not underscores.

SEO Tutorials: Choosing Tags

A lot of people go hog-wild on picking related tags after reading SEO tutorials telling them to place related keywords in their posts. But you should really try to target specific tags, not every related phrase under the sun. Try to stick between three and five keywords to stay on target. These keywords should be closely related to your article. If you used LSI tactics, they should even be keywords you used inside your article to build SEO friendliness along with your main keyword phrase.

For example, let’s say your main keyword phrase is “make cats stop peeing.” Perhaps your article contains phrases like “cat urination” and “cat peeing behavior.” Good SEO tutorials will tell you that such tags are ideal for using as related phrases and as LSI additions in your article.

SEO tutorials often make SEO friendliness out to be nearly impossible to achieve without paying hundreds of dollars for advice and software. But in reality, you can find SEO tutorials for free that do give you good advice as long as you know how to implement it.

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