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SEO Career: The Best DIY Career on the Web

SEO career choices are very much SEO careerdependent on location if you actually want to work for someone at a brick and mortar business. SEO careers have the potential to be lucrative, but sometimes there’s a big enough learning curve involved that prevents you from making much at first.

If you’re really into SEO career searching and you live, eat and breathe SEO, then an SEO career might be something you want to look into as a career path. However, there are ways of having a “do it yourself” SEO career that aren’t nearly as cutthroat to get into and don’t tie you into 8-5, five days a week business hours. Want to find out how? Then keep reading this guide.

SEO Career: What You Can Expect in an Office

Working for someone in an SEO career else has its perks, no doubt. Free meals at the office when your manager orders pizza, insurance and dental for qualified employees, and a cleaning crew to pick up your mess are always nice. But what about the hour commute each way? How are you liking the co-worker next to you who insists upon playing Bluegrass music as loud as he can get away with? Do you wish you could have an SEO career without going through the regular office drama?

Luckily for you, you can have a career in search engine optimization without working for an online advertising company, content management business or similar workplaces that are usually located in downtown areas of cities with poor parking.

How to Have a Profitable SEO Career

“Making it” in SEO depends on several factors. Can you work your own hours without giving up and getting lazy? Oftentimes, computer-based jobs are great work-at-home careers, but if you don’t like sitting in front of a computer all day long, then perhaps a do it yourself SEO career really isn’t for you.

Do you keep up with all the current Google algorithm changes? You should do so if you run websites that rely more on Google search rankings than brand domination. But if your eyes start to glaze over as you read about updates on a website, then maybe a different career path is one you should pursue.

Can you perform your own content production? Do you know how to select images, write articles, post on social networks and keep up with daily blog production? If not, you’ll have to budget for outsourcing it or learn how to do it yourself quickly. Neither of these is a problem as long as you have a flexible budget or the willpower to learn new skills and keep improving them all the time.

This guide isn’t designed to scare you off from an SEO career. But you need to know what you’re getting into before you go applying for SEO jobs or quitting your current job to work at home as an SEO expert. Make sure you have what it takes first before committing to making the jump into the online world of SEO. But if you have the determination to make it happen, then your SEO career is certain to succeed.

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