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Sell your eBook on Amazon

publishing_on_amazonWhen you consider how much you may possibly spend on a campaign to market an ebook, you are looking at possibly hundreds of dollars. If you want to reach a great audience, that are 100% going to get their eyes on your sales page – then you need to put your hand in your pocket.

The problem is, just about all marketing is shortlived. There is a big hole in internet marketing that needs filling with a method of marketing that has true longevity.

We are going to talk about one of the best ways to get this right now.

Amazon is a super-mall of epic proportions, as we all know, and it’s about time you capitalized on it. If you have written an eBook, and are capable of getting at least five to ten testimonials for your product, then Amazon could well ensure you get a very good amount of marketing for very little.

Very little meaning free. Anyone can write and publish a book on Amazon.  Once you have written your eBook, you simply head over to Amazon’s DTP (Digital Text Platform) https://dtp.amazon.com/mn/signin to convert your eBook to a Kindle friendly format, and configure the rights and content of the eBook, enter your price, and you are done.

You may want to look into purchasing an ISBN before doing this, because this uniquely identifies the eBook worldwide. The cost is around $125.

Surprisingly, not many people think of doing this, but they really should. Amazon will reach around the world to market your eBook, and they will get you orders. It won’t stop there, as there are thousands of Amazon e-Stores online right now selling this type of product.

When you consider the potential of literally thousands of affiliates working for you to sell your eBook – and all for the nominal cost of the SAME price as regular marketing… it is quite an eye-opener.

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