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Search Engine Submission Optimization – Why You Don’t Have to Pay For it

Search Engine Submission OptimizationHave you been trying to get more traffic to your web site? Getting traffic to the website is of utmost importance, especially for a business.

Some people pay big money to someone else to do this service for them. However, anyone can do this without paying big money for the help. As such, I am going to share some tricks to help you with your own search engine submission optimization.

1. Create Effective and Engaging Titles

You are writing for both humans and search engines so make sure your keywords that you target actually appear in the page title early in the text.

2. Search Engine Friendly URLs
Make sure you have the ability to use search engine friendly URLS such as “my-topic.html” rather than “index.php?id=123”. This way you can include your keyword in the URL which is great for search engine optimization.

3. Use Good Headlines That Lead The Visitor And The Search Engines
As we are writing for both the visitor and the search engine we have to make sure we structure the content correctly to maximize our potential. With good headlines and giving the correct focus to the subject we are discussing on the page we help both the reader and the search engines understand what the page is about.

4. Content Flow For Search Engine Submission Optimization
Not only are you focusing on the reader, but once you have the search engines come and index your text you want to make sure that your submission to their databases is as optimized as possible. With that in mind, making sure your actual content is optimized for the subject and contains not only the target keyword but also related terms is essential.

One pitfall that many SEO experts fall into is that the pages they create or optimize become difficult to read by humans as they tend to write for search engines first and people second. Remember, it is humans that make you money, not the search engines. If you make the content difficult to read, no amount of search engine ranking will help you as you will have scared away the reader.

5. Getting Noticed by the Search Engines
Using keywords is the biggest part of search engine submission optimization. There are a lot of free websites, including Google, where you can add their URL for free. Type in the words “add url free” into Google and you will instantly find a ton of places to get your site listed for free. Many people spend lots of money, every month, for someone else to do the search engine submission optimization for them, but it is fairly simple to do it without paying big money.

6. Getting Ranked and Building On Success
Once you get ranked you can build on your positions over time by building links back to your page. There are many ways to do this and we have articles on this blog about doing just that. Building links is an essential part of basic SEO and can literally have a massive effect on your rankings and maintaining a good rank over time. Link building to the right places not only has a great effect on your rankings but can dramatically increase your traffic if done right.

7. Automating Search Engine Submission Optimization
There is plenty of very powerful options that can assist and automate search engine submission and optimization of your site. These tools are very cost effective compared to what they can do for your business and website and can save many hours and thousands of dollars in the long run. So you see, with these basics tucked under your belt. You don’t have to actually pay anyone for search engine submission optimization when you can do it yourself for free.

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