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Sales Videos: Making Videos that Convert

Sales videos are a great way to build confidence in your buyers Sales videosbefore they click the “buy” button on your website and fork over their credit card information. There are a lot of shady operations on the internet, and your buyers are well aware of that. It’s up to you to help them set aside that mentality when they come to your website, and making sales videos is a great way to do that.

Sales videos that feature a person – preferably the website owner or product creator – often help conversions the most. Why? Because the fact that the owner is willing to put his or her face and name on the product gives the integrity of the product a big boost. This means that the creator is not ashamed of the product and is willing to put his or her reputation on the line in order to make sales.

Sales Videos Featuring You

There is a right way and a wrong way to make sales videos. Unfortunately, a lot of product creators and site owners get so wrapped up in their own product and forget to take a step back for a second to see things from a third-party perspective. Here are a few of the mistakes you should leave out of your sales videos.

  • Making assumptions: Present your video from a bare-bones perspective. Unless you’re selling videos on advanced coding and programming, in which case your audience should already have some experience or they have no business buying your product, you need to see things from their experience level. Don’t assume they know what you’re talking about with your product. Describe it from the ground up.
  • Treating the product like it’s their child: There’s nothing more annoying than a sales video that merely touts the benefits of the product as if there’s none other like it. Viewers will call foul immediately and quit watching. Be sure to throw a few disclaimers in there, such as, “This product may not be for you if you’re not comfortable using a computer.” This builds trust with your viewers.

Sales Videos Featuring Others

Sales videos that feature a site mascot (such as a pretty lady or a super-fit guy) are all right as long as they are the site mascot for your entire product. No one wants to see an actor or actress presenting the video from the creator’s point of view unless they aren’t being touted as the creator themselves.

If you feel you need someone who is more appealing to your intended audience, feel free to hire out the task for your sales videos. But don’t mix your information. Keep this actor consistent with the rest of the information on your site. In other words, don’t promote him as the site owner in the video, then put a picture of yourself as the site owner in the “About Us” section of your website.

Testimonial Videos

If you don’t feel comfortable making regular sales videos, make sales videos featuring real users. If your product is brand new and no one has used it yet, offer several copies for free in exchange for the user being willing to create a positive testimonial video. This way, you can receive nearly free content without lying to your customers with fake testimonial sales videos.

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