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RSS Theft – How to Deal With It

We all have to face the fact that our work may sometimes be plagiarized by others, in particular ‘sploggers’.

There are rss-theftsome people who will set up a blog with just a small amount of unique content, and then add hundreds of pages of filler, which will be aggregated from lots of other places.

The most common plugin that does this is WPRobot, and though it may be great for putting Amazon and YouTube content on a website, it can also be used to rip content like articles, photos and more from a blog that has an RSS feed.

There are two ways to look at this. You can either shrug your shoulders and hope that at least some of them have the decency to link to your blog, or you can actually be proactive, and make sure that every time this happens to your content that you are getting something back in return. For example, wouldn’t it be nice if every time this happened, you could add some extra lines to the post that detailed where the post originated, and a short biography about the author? Wouldn’t it also be good to stop this happening altogether?

Well there are certainly plugins available for WordPress for this, so you needn’t worry. If somebody thinks your content is great, and they’d like to feature it on their site –then that’s fine, as long as you are getting credit and a backlink. That’s only fair.

The first plugin to help you deal with RSS content theft is Sig2Feed. When you install this plugin, you are able to add a biography and link to your website, so that it appears every time when aggregated using an RSS feed. The most common way to use this is:

“This post is provided courtesy of Your Blog Name, and written by Your Name. If you would like to read the article in full, please visit http://yourdomain.com

So, right there, we have a link to your archives, a link to your about me page, and a raw backlink. This will help in your SEO endeavors, and the backlinks provide some link juice, rather than the post just being stolen.

You may have noticed we said “if you want to read the article in full”. This is because you can choose from within WordPress whether to show full text or an excerpt in Settings > Reading under “For each article in a feed, show” and select “Summary”. Showing full text will give the RSS aggregator the whole post – but to get people clicking through to your site, you just need to show a summary. If they want to read the full post, then they will click through to your site.

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