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Five Things You Can Learn About Business from “Rock of Ages”

“Rock of Ages” is one of the summer’s biggest movies.Rock of Ages With the star power of Tom Cruise and the eye candy of Julianne Hough and Diego Boneta, there’s no way this movie couldn’t make a lot of money. Despite the fact that the plot was virtually nonexistent and the acting was a little cheesy, there are actually several things you can learn from this movie to apply to your online business life. If that seems like a stretch, keep reading, because I was able to find at least five elements from “Rock of Ages” that are applicable to start an online marketing business.

  1. You need to dream big. Take Julianne Hough’s character. She was a small town Oklahoma girl who moved to Hollywood for a taste of the rich and famous lifestyle. While this is a rather cliché move (as Alec Baldwin’s character will explain just minutes into the movie), sometimes that’s the very approach it takes to get your hind end into gear and moving on your next big step in life. And for most people, starting an internet business is a huge step.
  2. You will probably fail the first time. Julianne Hough’s character wanted to become a starlet, but had to start work at a bar. When that took a turn south, she resorted to performing at a gentleman’s club. While I’m not suggesting you take seedy actions to get where you need to be,  you do need to act humble enough to realize that sometimes, you’re going to fail at your first venture and you might need to tackle smaller chunks at a time before achieving any kind of measurable success.
  3. You might need some help. Whether it was from a club manager or a stage manager, half of the talent in this movie needed help somehow. Too many beginners think internet marketing is for the Lone Ranger, and that they have to do everything themselves. Not so. You can outsource, you can search forums for mentors, and you can participate in group or personal coaching. When it comes to learning internet marketing the right way, there’s no shortage of experts willing to help you, whether for free or for a fee.
  4. You might do something embarrassing on the road to success. Just look at Diego Boneta’s part in “Rock of Ages” as the lead singer of the boy band. It was pretty humiliating. I myself have done some fairly embarrassing things in the name of promotion and internet marketing myself, so I’ve been there. But just remember, eventually people will forget about it, and if you keep producing new material, your old roots will probably be forgotten, and you’ll be able to laugh about it later.
  5. Look to your beginnings for inspiration during dry spells. Think about how Diego started writing “Don’t Stop Believin’” and didn’t come back to it until later. Sometimes you can take your rough beginnings and smooth them out for great endings when you learn how to develop your skills after being in internet marketing for a while.

Now I am a bit of a rock monster so as I was watching the movie these thoughts poppped into my head and I thought I would share these insights with you…

Tell me what you think…



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  1. This is a pretty entertaining lesson about how showbiz and plain old marketing biz are more similar than different. Thumbs up.

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