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Riding the Popularity Train

Popular websites and blogs generally have a rule when they look at comments on their posts. They make sure that theypopular_posts are relevant to the actual subject matter, and they check there’s no links in there that shouldn’t be.

Of course not all blogs are created equal, and you will find that some blogs are more relaxed than others. There is a way, however, that you can make sure you get a comment on a blog that will generate traffic, and will be MUCH more likely to get clicks from the actual visitors.

We will use an internet marketing blog as an example, and we will assume that you too have an internet marketing blog that you are trying to get traffic to. The first thing you need to do is find a blog directory that will show you the most popular blogs out there in your niche. Start with a directory like BlogCatalog and search for the category you require. Next, you will want to check out the most popular blogs that have had a lot of views on their posts. Look for a very popular post that has a good amount of comments (or lots of social media shares, and just a few comments). Now, you will need to write a post on your own blog about this popular post. If you agree with certain points, and if you disagree with any points – make it clear in your post. Now, you should go back to the blog you found, and make a quick comment like:-

“I really enjoyed this post. Whilst I didn’t agree with everything you said about “INSERT SUBJECT MATTER HERE”, I thought I’d write a more detailed response on my blog http://yourblog.com. I would appreciate your comments.”

Be sure not to put your blog URL as your name anchor. The only URL you need is the one in the actual comment, and anything else will look spammy. Ensure you use the author’s name in the comment too, to personalize it. The next step is to bookmark and share your own post on as many sites as possible. Your own post should include some excerpts from the original popular post and link to it too. This looks much more natural, and will see a good rate of repeat readers, because you are covering popular and up to date issues, that they would like to read about.


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