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Reserving Judgement for the Good Guys


It’s such a shame that with all the amazing opportunity out there, people still decide to go their own way in the blackhat arena, and disregard all the great advice from the professionals. For some time I was absolutely fascinated with the blackhat forums online, and it’s no surprise that what I’ll tell you today may shock you.

I have never considered actually performing ANY online practices but Whitehat ones, so don’t worry. The shocking thing is, I’m very surprised that most of the Whitehat guys like me do not frequent the blackhat forums and websites more often. Let me explain why…

Just because the practices of the “black arts” are not to your liking, you could be missing the boat on service providers that offer their much needed Whitehat services. That’s right. Even though they may actually be advertising on these forums, that is not to say that they only offer the shadier services out there.

Let’s take article writing for example. I once knew a guy who spun articles for a living. He was based in Singapore, and had LOADS of competition in the whitehat arena. His work was great, but he just could not get a foot in the door at places like Wickedfire or the Warrior Forum. He decided to start offering his services on a blackhat forum, at a lower than normal rate. The guys over there would build hundreds of sites in a few days using automatic software, so he was always busy, and ended up having enough money to advertise his services where he wanted, along with being able to provide awesome reviews.

Now, the moral of this story is, no matter what you may think about a certain forum online, you should at least give it a chance with the service providers. They are often very good workers, who will provide top quality at a low price. Naturally, you should check the reviews and authenticity of anything you buy. But – you will notice the differences between Warrior Forum article prices, and some blackhat forums prices.

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