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Remember the Old Spice Guy?

If you remember any of my articles about communicating with our clients, you know that I’m a firm believer in viral-marketinginteraction and retention.

Regardless of whether you are speaking to an audience of thousands or millions, or even twenty five visitors a week – you still need to interact. If you sell internet marketing products, software or even if you have niche blogs, your business will surely benefit from interaction and retention, which goes hand in hand.

If you look after your clients/visitors by ensuring they are getting the best possible service from you, then you will retain them for a long time.

Back in July, Old Spice ran an online marketing campaign that was like no other. They completely owned the most viewed page of YouTube, and did it using the simplest of things – they communicated with customers. If you saw these ads, then you will remember how you couldn’t help but flick to the next one, and see what Old Spice man had to say to them. If you don’t want to get sucked into the video loop, and be clicking through for hours, then I’ll break down the concept. Old Spice hired an actor that stepped out of a shower or stood in a bathroom talking directly to the camera. The actor’s dialogue wit the audience was based on tweets and messages posted to the Old Spice Wb 2.0 properties at Twitter and YouTube etc. This caused a sensation, with thousands and thousands of people trying to get Old Spice man to speak to them directly.

If you are wondering how to have this kind of impact on your client base or on your visitors to your site, then you can do it on a much smaller scale (though the audience may grow exponentially if you do it right).

The next time you put something out on your blog etc. you should (as usual) welcome comments. Also, you should inform your visitors that they can ask you questions, on a virtual one-to-one post if the have any. This post will house many frequently asked questions (which you may already have an inbox FULL of), all answered by video. When you are responding, make sure you include the original persons name or username, so they feel like they are getting a very personal response. Inform them by email that you have replied via video, if the comment or question did not come direct from the blog. Instead of ignoring the funny ones, and going with just the business questions – include them. You will notice that instead of the regular thank you, the visitor will come back and interact better with you on the blog, and replying with a regular comment will suffice.

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