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Regular, Interested Visitors

asleep_at_pcWhen you least expect it, you come across an idea so simple – it really does annoy you. I saw an idea recently that totally took me by surprise (when I finally worked out what the blogger was doing).

On other articles here at Manic Marketer, you will see that I vouch for rich media websites which keep people interested, and I am a big advocate of doing your best to retain each visitor.

It can be very difficult for some people to find new things to write about every day, and outsourcing a task like this (content creation) can be costly. So what’s the big idea?

If you visit StumbleUpon, and look in the humor section, you will notice a theme. Comic strips. These websites get hundreds of views every day, and in many cases thousands. The simple fact of the matter, these comic strips bring in daily visitors. They will bookmark and RSS feed the site, and they will check regularly to see how their favorite character is doing. Stumble gets a lot of eyes to your website, very quickly in some cases, especially if you use Stumble advertising.

The crux of the method is having an ongoing comic strip, saga, story, or anything else you can think up, on your blog, and then promoting it on StumbleUpon, as well as with your organic visitors to your site. Without naming names, I saw a blog doing this, and the actual main content of his site was internet marketing. More specifically, it was about how to get from unemployed to financially comfortable in a few easy steps. The first step was paying $7 for an eBook. Whilst lacking finesse, the blogger was in fact right on the money with his other blog content – a comic strip. The character was an unemployed guy who was working his way up to earning a good income, and having fun trying various SEO techniques. Anyway, the fact of the matter is, it worked. I began reading the older strips, and they were very good. I wondered how many other people had done this?

You may be wondering how you could possibly get a comic strip, or some sort of series on your blog regularly, if you cannot draw or have no inclination to graphics at all. Put simply – outsource. You can find great comic artists online at Freelancer.com or Fiverr.com who will put together a stack of comic strips for next to nothing.


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