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Rank Page 1 with “Type in” Traffic

A new tact I’ve heard mentioned is becoming popular in internet marketing. It’s called “creating your own niche”. Whilst easy-trafficon the surface, this seems like it could be a very detailed process, you would be surprised at how easy it is.

We all know that if you were to hire an outsourcer to get you some simple backlinks, you would get banned or worse for putting links to your website on forum posts or online review sites, therefore you often have to rely on your brand (i.e. your name), so that people want to Google you. Rather than a brand or a name, savvy marketers are resorting to ingenious methods of getting people to Google them.

Let’s say that you have a blog that is set up to affiliate with a company that sells barbecues. Now, this market is pretty hard to get into if you are new, so you would have to find a pretty long tail keyword to break into it. However, if you used that same product niche, and a very popular search term like “Family Guy” together, you would be getting two niches for the price of one – and a search term that you can rank for on page one very quickly. Let me explain…

Family Guy is a very popular TV series, and barbecues are a very popular niche. How would one tie these two together? It’s quite simple, really. The keyword “family guy barbecue recipes” would be an easy to rank for keyword, and you can quite easily find at least three things that have been cooked on the show that could be written about. So, let’s assume the person wanting to buy a barbecue (or who loves barbecue recipes) is ALSO a Family Guy fan, they would see the term mentioned on Facebook, or Twitter for example, and be unable to click through. They Google the search term (which you should appear on page one for, considering the search term has NO competition), and they see your site, with perfect SEO to display the keyword and some information for them.

When they arrive at your site, they have some comic relief reading the Family Guy recipes, and then see that you have an offer on your site for a gas barbecue. This is the conversion. You could technically drum up a lot of interest, without ever posting a single URL to your site. Do not be surprised to see my blog ranking on page one for the search term “family guy barbecue recipes” either!

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