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Quitting Your Day Job Part 2 of 2

quit_your_day_jobIn the last article, we discussed quitting you day job by supplementing your income with article writing.

If you cannot write, then you are not alone, but it doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do to earn living expenses, whilst you are getting your main online ventures off the ground.

You can of course resell other people’s services. All you need to do is visit the main internet marketing forums online, like The Warrior Forum, V7N, Digital Point etc. and form a shortlist of services that are in demand. Now look at the costs associated with them. Maybe, you could put two or three services together, and then resell this as a big SEO package.

 For example, an article writer, a social bookmarker, a directory submission worker, a backlinker and a video creator could all be used by you to create one BIG project for your clients. Sell this as a link wheel or a backlinking extravaganza. Ensure you are only putting a tiny markup on this of say $10 – $20, and also ensure that you are getting a discount from the service providers. This way, you will be covering your outgoings every month – not necessarily making a massive amount of income – but it allows you to put your own ideas into play, whilst taking care of your responsibilities.

Writing articles and reselling services are ideal ways to replace a lost income, and are commonplace on internet marketing forums. There are other ways, such as selling your services if you are good with design work… or if you can write good copy. If you are good at researching, then you could find keywords and resell these on the forums.

Here’s some resources that will help you get started in writing or reselling services:










Remember, you are looking for ways to earn money that will cover your bills, and then enable you to launch your own projects in the online world. It can be a nerve wracking decision, but once you realize that there are thousands of other people doing just that, you will not really see it as much of a challenge. Whilst you are still working, try some of the ventures mentioned here, and then, when the time comes – and you know you can upscale to meet your needs – give it everything you’ve got.



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