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Problem Solving Content

When you are considering any marketing campaign, you will be tempted to use many of the tools at your disposal, and many of the techniques that the professionals use to both presell and close their sales every day of the week. I say ‘tempted’ because in actuality, you will most probably continue to write your articles, sales pages and squeeze ages the way you always have done. This is not to say it’s your fault that your copy is not converting, but it is not a good idea to disregard years of successful sales and conversions. What you must do, with every sentence you write, is concentrate on the stuff that works.


The stuff that works best is always the content that is geared toward a story and a problem solving exercise. When your visitors arrive on your site, they have either got a problem that needs solving, or they are looking for something that you can provide. With either of these scenarios, you can learn from the experts, and actually deliver exactly what they need. The first thing you need to do is personalize the content, so it reaches out and grabs each and every visitor, and enthrals them from sentence one. Each sentence they read is a mini conquest for you, so you must make it so they do not want to click back at any time, but rather read through and see exactly how you can help them. The best way to personalize a piece of content is simply by directing the whole piece at them with words like “You”, “You’ll” and “Your” etc. This takes them into a state of mind where they are part of a conversation. You must address as many of the issues in the content as possible, so that they associate themselves with at least one, and then get the solution in the rest of the content.

The next thing your content should produce, is a result. Once you have actually personalized the piece, you should then go on to produce a result for them, that they will thank you for mentally. For example, if you were looking for a way to whiten teeth, it would be no good reading a general piece on why you should whiten teeth. You are looking for a method on “how” to whiten teeth. As the author, the content written should automatically assume that they know all about WHY and deliver the HOW. Do not bore your visitor with stuff they “already know.”

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