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Pro Tips for Increasing Your Conversion Rate Part 3

Today I will be presenting the 3rd and final post in our conversion rate optimization series. If you happened to miss the other 2 posts, no biggie, I’ve provided the links below.

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So far, we’ve covered A LOT of helpful material. Today’s post is no different. I’ll be showing you how colors, badges, and a purple lizard can help you make more money. (yes, I said a purple lizard).

Let’s begin…

Don’t Forget Color Psychology

Over the years, human interactions with studies have been widely documented. Coordinating colors to correspond with a target audience has been a ploy that marketers have been using for quite some time.

Colors have the unique ability to elicit certain emotional responses and even influence certain behavior. In an environment where site is the primary sense utilized by its viewers, color psychology becomes absolutely crucial.

Take a look at how some of the most recognizable brands use color to help mold the perception of the viewer.

 conversion optimization

It’s possible in some cases that the right color and shade can increase conversions over another color or another shade. It’s even more possible that the right accent color that stands out from the current theme will increase conversions.

A case study performed by Dmix found that a simple color change of one of their buttons increased conversions by 21%, without changing a single word.

It’s important to take notice of what colors / color combinations you use when creating your site. Often times site owners and web designers create their site so that it is aesthetically pleasing to them.

What site owners and designers need to realize, is that it doesn’t matter whether a site looks good to them or not. What does matter is how the site looks to your AUDIENCE.

Experiment with different colors, shades, and combos to see how your audience responds.

Trust Symbols and Guarantees

Just because you’ve built up a strong reputation within your niche as a trustworthy business person does NOT mean that all of your potential customers feel the same way.

Not all of your buyers will be a part of your hardcore following. Not all of your hardcore followers trust online businesses. Some people are naturally skeptical of making a purchase online and with all of the cons out there, who could blame them?

Your role is to squash their fears by making them feel comfortable with entering their trusted information on your website.

One method that works well is to offer a money back guarantee. This guarantee minimizes the potential risk for the consumer. If the product or service isn’t as advertised then they’ll get their money back; no harm done.

Often times business owners are afraid to offer a money back guarantee for one of two reasons.

  1. Serial refunders
  2. Their product or service isn’t that good

Listen, whether you like it or not, there are people out there that will make a purchase, get every penny of their money back, and keep the product for themselves. Whether you have a money back guarantee or not, it’s going to happen.

Almost every payment processor in the world will favor the buyer over the seller. So if they are truly adamant about getting a refund, they will. It sucks, but should only happen very infrequently.

However, the amount of additional sales you can expect by adding a money back guarantee should greatly offset the potential risk of a serial refunder.

If you’re afraid that a TON of people will request a refund, then chances are, your product isn’t very good OR doesn’t live up to the hype you used to market the product.

If that’s the case, then you need to seriously reconsider your marketing campaign.

The second method to building additional trust is to prominently show “trust symbols”. More often than not, you can assume that visitors are hesitant to hand over the contact or credit card information.

Symbols can ease any uncertainties your audience may have by showing that you are a seller, approved by a legitimate third party.

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Just Because it Works for “Them” Doesn’t Mean That it Will Work for You

When attempting to crack into a new niche, I am a firm believer of reverse engineering. Reverse engineering is the process of taking what is working for your most established competitors and tweaking it to fit your own campaign.

For instance, if you see that all of your competitors are using a video on their sales page instead of text, this may be an indicator that they’ve done previous testing and found that videos work better than text. In most cases, it would be suggested to follow suit and create a video (a far better video) in place of text on your sales page.

However, there will be certain times when this approach simply does not apply. Every website is different and everyone’s customers react differently to layouts, colors, design, copy, etc.

It’s certainly fine to scour the web and find case studies that different sites have published to show how they’ve increased conversions (I do it all the time), but before taking their word as gospel, you should certainly create a hypothesis and test to see whether the changes will benefit your business or not.

Break it Down “Barney Style”

A while back, I met a few gentlemen that served in the military. We began speaking about leadership qualities. I wanted to know how personnel in the military get the people under them to perform at a high level.

One of the hulking men blurted out, “We break everything down Barney style for our guys”.

Obviously, I was confused. I had no idea what he meant. The man replied, “Do you know who barney the purple Dinosaurs is?”

“Yeah, he’s on a children’s television show. Five year olds watch him”.

“Right, Barney has a knack of simplifying every task so that even small children can understand them. The term ‘breaking it down Barney style” simply means that we go above and beyond just giving basic directions. We walk them through every step of the process, no matter how simple it may seem, so that even a five year old can understand.”

My mind was blown. This absolutely, positively can be used to improve a marketing campaign. Often times business owners and copywriters can get a little TOO creative with their wording and site design that it actually confuses the potential consumer.

You may understand exactly what is going on, your friends may understand exactly what’s going on, but your potential consumer may not.

That’s why you need to “break it down Barney style” and literally walk your consumers through the buying process.

“click here NOW”

“enter your payment information here”

Add arrows and specific directions wherever you can so that the consumer doesn’t have to think at all. When done correctly, this is the best way to minimize drop offs that occur on the payment pages, but the benefits don’t stop there…

I personally believe that it should be used all throughout the sales page. Why not make the product description and benefits as easy to understand as humanly possible? Minimize industry lingo or jargon and make it so simple that a five year old can understand.


Over the past three blog posts, you should have more than enough info to begin testing the various aspects of your business in order to maximize your conversions.

If you want, feel free to print out each post so that you can have them as a sort of performance guide to help you with your campaigns.

As always, I love hearing from my readers, so if you have any questions or comments, leave them in the area below.

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