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Press Release Link Wheels

pr_link_wheelPress releases have always got a lot of attention from marketers. The sheer size of free press release sites is unbelievable, commanding a high pagerank, and daily fresh content, as well as being syndicated out to hundreds of other sites.

When you post a press release, you will often get another ten sites syndicating that press release on their websites, with all anchor texts intact.

The truth is, many people leave it at a press release, linking back to their own site, but there are other ways you can feel the power of a PR, and get it to propel your site to the top of the search engines.

A press release link wheels is not as complex as you might think. The whole method simply involves planning the way you link your press releases, and writing good copy that looks good when interlinked. For example, you would write a 600 word press release about your website, maybe a product launch, which would contain your main keyword, and then write a shorter press release of 400 words approximately. The 400 word press release would be an update about your products, maybe an offer, and this would link (using a different keyword in your niche) to your first press release.

For the next step, you would write a long press release of 600 words or more, that detailed the product with some reviews. In this press release, you would be linking using a different keyword to the previous two, and you would be linking to BOTH the previous press releases.

The main thing to do is arrange you linking so that you are not linking from within the same press release site. If you do this, the link juice will be wasted entirely. Arrange your releases so you are linking from high PR sites, to lower PR sites, and vice versa. Mix it up as best you can for great results.

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