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PresellPro – Automated Presell Content in 5 minutes!

contentContent is King – and there is no denying that the power in Internet Marketing lies with those who are able to write effective content for their sites, and those who can write compelling presell articles which engage the reader enough to click the affiliate links within. Before now, anybody who couldn’t write articles or blog content had to outsource this task to professional writers, which could easily eat into profits.

What is worse, is people often purchase content spinning software for either a monthly fee, or a big one-off payment, and then end up churning out articles that might not necessarily make sense to the reader. A 60% article may get you past Google’s unique content algorithm, but the visitor to your site knows the difference between a well written article and a spun article.

Obviously with all the drawbacks in article and content creation, there had to be somebody somewhere trying to crack the code, and deliver unique content that could presell your visitors – and get them clicking affiliate links. That somebody is Dustin Struckman, the creator of PresellPro.


PresellPro is quite simply a phenomenal breakthrough in internet marketing, being 100% original and unique in itself. Dustin’s system allows you to sign up very quickly, entering your details and blog login information, and then – within just a few minutes – have well written, custom crafted presell articles posted direct to your blog, with built in affiliate links ready to make you money. Dustin’s enthusiasm for PresellPro is contagious, because once you realise the true potential of something like this, your mind begins racing – trying to work out what applications you have for it right now.

Imagine picking up on a new product in Clickbank, that is just starting to take off. Log into PresellPro, and the system will post superb preselling content to your blog (and if you don’t have a blog, Dustin covers setting one up in just 5 minutes), using your Clickbank ID for example, and right away you can begin marketing and increasing traffic to that blog – instead of the labor intensive content creation phase of a site build.

At this point, you will be really shocked when I say that this is all completely, 100% free of charge.

That’s correct, Dustin does not charge a dime for signing up to PresellPro and getting content fed right to your site – and all within around 5 minutes. If you haven’t clicked the link already, here is one last thought – if you could save yourself hours of writing, and diversify into hundreds of products in just minutes, and this breakthrough was totally free of charge… how many profit filled sites would you make?

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