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The Art of Success: Harness Your Secret Power

Recently, I created a series of posts that covered the multiple, unfortunate reasons that cause internet marketers to fail in their endeavors to build a successful business. In case you missed them, go ahead and take a look.

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Today, I wanted to take a look at the other side of the coin and cover the single most important reason that people DO succeed. I’m NOT going to give you some technical mumbo jumbo, but instead, give you the honest, unimpeded truth into what it takes to become successful.

What is the single force that can shape your future? What power do you wield that can change everything? It’s more important than any software or marketing strategy ever devised.

It’s the power of choice. Through the power of choice, YOU are the one that ultimately decides the outcome. Every “win” that you’ve ever experienced in your internet marketing career can be traced back to one point.

That point is the exact moment that you chose to do what was necessary to achieve that small victory.

Yes, some that become successful stumble upon it via dumb luck, but the vast majority of them CHOSE to become successful. Whether they knew it or not, they chose to reach the pinnacle of success. Every decision they made (whether right or wrong) shaped what they’ve become today.

Those that chose to make the correct decisions have reaped the rewards, while those that haven’t usually struggle to find an answer.

Some Quick Self Reflection is in Order

Take a contemplative look at your life. Are you exactly where you want to be? Even if you are 100% satisfied with life, perhaps you are looking for that little edge to help you improve.

Despite your great success, maybe you feel as if there is more out there for you, and for some reason or another, you just haven’t taken hold of it yet. A typical first response is to blame the state of affairs in one’s life; the stress of a job, family, the economy, or some other reason.

It’s important to note that your position in life is a culmination of outcomes from all of the decisions you have made throughout life. Whether you decided to focus on one area of your life as opposed to another or whether you chose one route instead of another has led you to where you are today.

Some choices we make with purpose, and some we make by not taking action simply by going with the status quo.

A quick example would be if you had suddenly become tired of the monotonous daily rigmarole of your 9-5 job, and decided to start a website that offered a service in hopes of financial freedom. After several months of working on your new found business, your site is still receiving minimal traffic, and the commitment becomes too much of a burden.

That is when the thought that beginning this business was a poor choice slowly creeps into your mind and your attentiveness to your site wanes or perhaps you quit all together. Are you going to give up on your dream of financial freedom or will you continue to push forth and potentially reap the benefits?

The good news is that there is no use in sulking over having made the wrong decisions in life. Whatever has happened in the past is in the past, but the experience gained from such decisions can be invaluable. Failure is one of the best learning tools possible. If you fail, wonder what decisions led to that failure and use them to propel your future success.

How can you avoid or improve upon the situation? Only through our shortcomings do we ever take a step back and self evaluate the situation. Use the experience gained to make the right decisions from there on out.

Choosing Wrong

If success is driven by the choices that we makes, then how do we know if we are making the correct choices at the time? The truth is, it may not always be that clear, but that shouldn’t slow you down.

What’s even worse than making the wrong decision? Choosing NOT to act at all. It’s important not to let the feeling of failure paralyze you from making the decisions that could ultimately change your life for the better.

Doubt and second thoughts will always creep into your head, but those that put all of that to the side and act upon their decisions are far more likely to succeed than those that sit around second guessing themselves.

The Simple Truth

There’s no debating that times are tough. Day after day, we read the paper or turn on the news to be bombarded with negative information that may be well out of our control. Take for instance the financial crisis the United States has endured over the last several years.

Obviously, this has affected millions of businesses and jumped the national unemployment rate to over 10% only a few years back, not to mention the worldwide ramifications. We could allow this negative situation to defeat us or we can make different decisions to help transform our lives in a positive way.

Now think about everything positive that you’ve ever accomplished in life. Everything began with a simple decision and the actions you took as a result of those decisions. What if you had decided to never make those decisions in the first place? Your life would most likely be shaped significantly different. Different decisions produce different outcomes.

In order to control the route in which your life takes, you must make correct decisions on a consistent basis. Making the right choices every now and then is not the way to positively impact your life.

These correct decisions must be made daily. For these decisions to substantially change your life it’s vital to decide what results you’re dedicated to and to know specifically how these results will alter your life. It’s as equally imperative to decide what type of person you’re dedicated to becoming.

Clearly visualize what you’d like to do, have and be. Also, try to gain a mental image of exactly what your life will be like after you accomplish this. With that much exactness, you’ll find it will become much easier to make the proper decisions that will propel you in the direction that you have desired.

Revert back to that mental image that you’ve conceived. Prior to making a decision, contemplate what the results of that decision will be. If the foreseen result does not coincide with your mental image, then perhaps it is not the right decision make.

It’s up to you to decide what you want out of life. Are you going to accept your life and remain stagnant or will you do what it takes to advance? Dare to dream and attempt the “impossible”. Learn from your past failures and make the right decisions to improve your life today.

This is the true secret to success. It has nothing to do with software or marketing plans. It’s the small decisions that you make every single day that will propel your success.

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