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Post Your Blog on Facebook?

facebook_logoEveryone should use Facebook for at least one aspect of their blog’s marketing. That’s almost a fact.

Just about every entrepreneur blog will tell you that you should be implementing their social plugins, or posting to your Facebook page wall with your RSS feed… and for some people that sounds like a lot of work.

Sure, the social plugins have got much easier, being copy and paste – but what about feeding your Facebook page with cool blog content for your Facebook only readers? What could be better than a seamless join from your page to your blog – complete with SEO titles, links and summaries?

Thankfully, it is not as hard as it seems – and as usual, I’ve laid it out nice and simple for those of you who want to implement this feature on your Facebook page. When you create a page on Facebook, you can add links to videos, your blog pages or just about anything else. This can become an arduous task when you have got a hundred other things to do. What you need is to automate the process, so that every time you post a blog post, the Facebook page is updated via RSS. There’s plugins galore for this type of thing, and little hacks here and there – but by far the easiest method is using Facebook’s actual built-in Notes feature.

Firstly, log into your Facebook page, and navigate to your page. You will see your Wall, Info and Discussions tabs, and a plus sign. Click this and add notes. Now, add a tab for the Notes application.

Click the Write a new Note button. At the top right of your page, you will see a small icon that looks like a piece of lined notepaper. This is the Notes icon. Click this.

Again, on the right, you will see Note Settings. And under this, Import a blog. Wait – don’t rush into it and stop reading this! Here you need to paste your RSS Feed URL from your blog, in the Web URL box. Import your blog, and confirm everything.

Now, go to your page, and click Edit page.

Scroll down the page, and you will see an installed application called Notes. Click Application Settings on this box. You will now get a small popup that enables you to set Additional Permissions for the application. Tick the box that says Publish to streams.

That’s it – you are done!


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