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Placement of Ads – The Debate Continues

placementSince it became apparent that some Google ads get clicked more when they are positioned in certain areas of the page, people have trialed, tested and shuffled their pages until they were happy with the result.

The main issue here is, that there seems to be one set way that everyone places their ads on a page, and that usually means that visitors are just getting used to seeing those ads there, and are clicking less. That’s the theory.

There are a few ways you can ensure you are getting the best placement of your ads, but none that help more than what I’m about to tell you.

If you have ever paid for advice on ad placement, this information may come as a shock to you, and for those who are still struggling, or simply copying other people, it will be a welcome change. The only thing you ever need to do when placing ads on your site is: ASK GOOGLE.

Google are known for their lackluster support on various issues, but when it comes to revenue, they are right on the pulse. Here’s what I recommend before you contact them:-

1.       Open up your website, and hold ALT and PRT SCRN to do a screen dump of what you see. Now, save this to your computer somewhere. Upload to your hosting, and it will then be visible to anyone you give the link to.

2.       Detail in your email that you want to get the best placements on your website to improve click through rations – and most importantly – IMPROVE your visitor experience.

3.       Detail in your email how long you have been an Adsense publisher, and that you have always struggled to get the best possible CTR’s no matter what you do. In other words, sound desperate. You are asking for help here.

4.       Detail in the email that you have done a screen-dump of your ad placements, and if possible, could they highlight ON the image their recommendations. They may or may not do this – but it’s worth a shot, and others have had replies with diagrams shown on the image.

You will no doubt have to wait three or four days for a response, but it will be worth it. The ad placement recommendations made will be invaluable, because its not a generalized response – it is for YOUR website, and this means Google want to help your site succeed.

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