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Pinterest Invitation: Adding Your Website to Pinterest

Pinterest invitation buzz is all over the internet. Pinterest invitationWhy? Because this up and coming social media network now boasts over 11 million users and is growing daily. But what could have been “just another social network” is shaping up to be more fun than Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr combined.

A Pinterest invitation is necessary for consumers who want to use Pinterest. And while it doesn’t appear that businesses need to sign up for a Pinterest invitation (which is free, by the way; you only need to input your email address to place your name on the list), it’s probably a good idea that you get one anyway.

Pinterest Invitation: What Does Pinterest Do for Your Website?

If you’re not familiar with Pinterest and have no idea what a Pinterest invitation is, we should probably take a quick peek right now. Pinterest prides itself in being the most popular online bulletin board ever. Basically, instead of simply “liking” a Facebook page and adding it to your Facebook roster of “liked” pages, a consumer can “Pin” a product from your website to their online bulletin board. This gets added to the list of other online products or pictures that they like.

If you have products that are visually attractive (such as clothing, pretty ebook covers, software, hardware, etc.), go to the “Goodies” section of Pinterest.com and scroll down to where website owners can add a “Pin It” button to their websites. Naturally, getting a Pinterest invitation first doesn’t hurt. All of you have to do is place links to the image and write-up a scant description. Just add the code to your website (preferably near other social media buttons) and anyone who is a Pinterest member can “Pin It” to their bulletin board. Not only are they likely to come back and buy your product, but anyone who views or follows their bulletins will also see it.

Pinterest Invitation: Do You Have to Pay for Anything?

Unlike Google AdWords or Facebook ads, you don’t have to pay Pinterest to add a button or promote your products with a Pinterest invitation. As mentioned previously, even the Pinterest invitation itself is 100% free.

Getting your site in the flow with Pinterest doesn’t even take complex coding. Pinterest codes everything for you, and all you have to do is highlight and copy the code, then paste it in the desired location on your website or blog. How easy is that?

All in all, a Pinterest bulletin addition looks a lot more like a Tumblr post than a Facebook status or Twitter tweet. But unlike Tumblr, you don’t have to continually update your blog on a third-party platform. You can add pins straight from your website without doing too much work.

Not only do Facebook users have access to Pinterest and a Pinterest invitation, but Pinterest also has an app for the iPhone. That means you’ll get more exposure both on the computer and on mobile devices. This social media network is so easy to use, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be using it.

The time to get a Pinterest invitation and start using Pinterest is now, before it grows so big that you get behind the curve.

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