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Overcoming The “NEGATIVE” Attitudes Around You

negative attitudeYou know, one thing that drives me mad is when I hear people say “I can’t do it” or “I am scared of failing”… the problem is we are all pressured into a mindset where in many cases, we just do not even TRY because we are scared of failure.

I honestly cannot tell you how many times I have been there myself in the early years, listening to people around me who told me I was never going to succeed at working for myself and that I should “Get a Real Job” because they are more secure!

Now, we all know in this economy there is no such thing as job security. Heck, I even heard the other day there are a great number of Janitors who hold doctorate degrees. If that does not scare you in the job market, nothing will.

However, my attitude changed and I had to find a way to not only ignore those negative influences but prove them wrong. You see, success is not just achieving your goals or making things work out, it’s a pure MINDSET.

If you believe in yourself, in what you do and WHY you are doing it then you will naturally create that success. When you let people keep putting you down, or influence you with their negative attitudes it will naturally bring you down and create a world of doubt in your mind. When that happens, it is almost impossible to move forwards confidently.

With that being said, you do need the support and backing of your family and they need to believe in you too. So not only do you have to prove to yourself you have what it takes you have to convince those in your immediate circle you do too.

This is really aimed at new entrepreneurs who want to succeed in business. What I mean by that is there are really two types of entrepreneurs. One group wants to create their own destinies, their own job and be responsible for their own success and then there is the second group. The second group is Pseudo-entrepreneurs who really don’t care and like to call themselves entrepreneurs because it sounds good when they talk to their friends but really have no commitment or interest in success.

Now, if you are reading this you are definitely in the first group and I congratulate you on your commitment to your own success and your willingness to overcome obstacles that are placed in your path.

Overcoming negativity is one of the largest obstacles you will face and re-programming years of negative influence will be a challenge. However, once you really start believing in yourself and others see that confidence building as you solidify that confidence you will be amazed at how those attitudes change.

Now, do me a small favor, tell me how negative attitudes have hampered you and if so, how you tackle it and overcome it in your own ways. I would love to hear from you…

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  1. I’m in a constant battle with negative attitudes I would hope to share how I overcome them but they are winning at the moment!

    • Don’t worry, like I say… just keep pushing and first, believe in yourself and your abilities to make ANYTHING happen that you put your mind to. Once people see that YOUR attitude is untouchable they will change their tune 🙂

  2. there is a book by shad helmstetter called what you say when you talk to yourself which covers this quite well.  Really helps to calm that incessant negative brain wave and friends negative comments.

  3. I hear “Get a Real Job” all the time and from people who don’t know the first thing about me or what I’ve done in my life (I’m retired military, a former law enforcement officer and a retired volunteer firefighter).  I think it would be a safe bet that I have a better idea of what a real job is than the person saying it in most cases so instead of it pissing me off it cracks me up. 
    “I will persist until I succeed. I was not delivered unto this world in defeat, nor does failure course in my veins. I am not a sheep waiting to be prodded by my shepherd. I am a lion and I refuse to talk, to walk, or to sleep with the sheep. I will hear not those who weep and complain, for their disease is contagious. Let them join the sheep. The slaughterhouse of failure is NOT in my destiny!” – Og Mandino

  4. Negativity was experienced in the first few years by fellows and family before they realised my true continued mindset. Since that time people are typically interested in whether I have wavered or still on the inital (or original) path set forth.

    thnx, ews

  5. the Catering Gal

    Always try to surround yourself with positive people.  When that’s not possible, let it shine out of your own personality.  Keep a smile on your face – it’ll at least make ’em wonder what you’re up to !

    Make a “goal” list.  Take baby steps. Understand that it’s not going to happen “instantly” but only you can make your goals happen.

  6. I had to fight a ton of negatives to get the success I have had with my blogs. I am now working against the odds again and jumping the hurdles to create my first product. There is a lot of different skill sets involved, and if I had listened to any one of the negatives for any of the skills needed to finish, my product would not be ready to launch like it is now.

  7. My attitude is rock solid, whenever people tell me that i am wrong, my answer comes – no matter what’s wrong or right , i have only one life so giving a try is must.

    Second question neg peeps always asks is why you are doing so , you are wasting your time, do something safe, its risky , blah blah and i slap those negs with my golden answer (to instantly ignore them) – I dont know why i do this , i just do 
    Some tips for those who are struggling with negative thoughts –

    1. We have only one life , so give your every idea a try
    2. Don’t be afraid of failing , failing are steps and success are jumps

    “An expert is someone who knows some of the worst mistakes, which can be made, in a very narrow field.” ~ Niels Bohr

    3. Leave every negative friend or ignore them , these people are like pain in ass
    4. Listen good music, really it helps & Watch motivational videos like this – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yo_24_qTNac

    5. Stop expecting , just do your work. Expecting results can lead you to failure.

  8. Hey Sean good post… my biggest problem is that my parents are not at all supporting me.. for them there is no such things like internet marketing …

    I can fight the world but not my parents…

    I don’t afraid to do things, in fact i am doing and trying things.. but it is really hard to do anything when your own parents don’t support you…

    Do you have any suggestion ??

  9. Great post Sean, very interesting. Ive had my times of positivety and a belly full of negativitey, and to be completeley honest i do feel im quakeing into believing the negative side.
    But please dont assume im a FULL ON negative. Its just some experiences either in life or via internet endeveaurs, ive found no matter how hard i try something will always come
    round and bite me on the arse. Its this continued cycle that makes it hard to see another way.. Its like a fog….  I dont think the continued product releases that promise this and that
    and never delivert help. And im not talking about those Push Button things, but hard on training modules.. I actually did your Extreme Niche Empires and managed to take a website
    to getting 5000 hits a month, however it didnt produce a single sale or even any adsense revenue, but thats just an example. Anyways enough of this negativity..lol.. Lets think
    forward and positive and maybe one day, who knows.:o)   Michael

    • We all have negatives in our lives, intentional or otherwise. However, every problem (negative or positive) can be made an opportunity for success and growth if you look at it the right way.

  10. I have had a hard time excepting i could really make it as an internet marketer. it sometimes seems like there is no more space to make any money online, so many marketers everywhere you go. i now just have to keep moving one day at a time on my projects and when i look back and see how far i have come, i get some confidence.

  11. Yes, this is something I really struggled with at the start. Friends thought I was pretty much out of my mind…. I simply choose to be stubborn, and refuse to go down. Yes, it’s a long road, but..if it really means that much to you..you gotta be willing to take a few kicks in the teeth along the way:-)

  12. Never let anyone take any of your time not only will you lose your day already overloaded from previous day (s) work flow. Think about how anyone being negative takes away your leadership skills you’ve been Blessed with so you can lead others to success in all aspects of their lives.

  13. I think that everyone of us is in a constant battle concerning this. As it concerns me I am in the battle to get consistence. Things what I do generally work, but they don’t work consistently. Yes, I already earn some small money, but in comparison with a normal job it is still to less and with too much effort. But I don’t accept it, that something doesn’t work for me what works for other people. I know and I believe it is possible to be entrepreneur (also for me) and don’t need to support this with another job. So I am going to find ways to come out of the situation, which is something like “too less to live, too much to die”.

  14. I sometimes get a negative attitude. I overcome it by flipping the switch. I replace the negative thought with something more pleasant. Like the image of my grandson making me laugh. He is so funny.

    You can be an extremely up be person like me… and still not have achieved success that I desire. I will never give up.

    I really appreciate what you have done with your training course; and its right of you to pursue this question, because it is the missing link.

    All of the training in the world would never overcome a bad attitude.

  15. WOW … I believe may own battles come from within myself most of the time. Seeing very limited success in only making 100.00 dollars in adsence every six months. But with only 1 website that I have built and worked with struggling to see how to make it grow and then build others. Maybe I should make another and make 200.00 every six months or build 10 and make 1,000.00 every six months.  Ok now as I get Rambling on here I think I am talking myself into doing some more. I Really do enjoy Feeding off of You Guys.

  16. I shut it all out and focus on my goals. I also make sure I have positive people around me and limit the negative ones.

  17. The negativity plus the confusion of information was tough at the beginning.  I think when people bad mouth a tactic or teacher, it is because it flies in the face of how they do things.  I beat it by realizing that we each do it differently and there are only individual “right ways” of doing this stuff.

  18. Thought this was a great article, there is something we all need to cope with. So thanks for your thoughts.

    By the why, I put my details into the overlay that popped up – but as yet, I haven’t been given access to the program you promised.

  19. hi Sean
    Another great post the problemn pf Negative throughts being so destructive and sould destroying is somrething that I struggle with in respect to making it online expl you get a good idea and then discover that about a million other prople have allready got there before you .Or you become a perfectionist constantly trying to make your article or book better and never ever get it out into the market another failure
    Sean how did you overcome your fear of failure?
    peter mcgrath

  20.  Great post Sean, you have to believe in yourself and what your doing because you can’t expect anyone else will, it’s just how life is.

  21. Along with being positive is “autonomy”; there are so many predators in the world and it seems like the majority of them came to internet marketing!!! So we have to really try not to be dependent on other people if possible, to have our own faith, nurture our own life and not look to others for approval. It is a challenge because all of society including the elementary school in kindegarten all the way to the government as an adult is constantly telling us we need their permission and their approval, and then when we learn that we really don’t need their approval and that we had value all along in this life, it is a “WTF” moment (that is a bit beyond an “Aha” moment)!!!

    So I like to believe I can do it and also to decide that I am the only person who can accept my life and face my fears, that other people cannot approve and if I look to others for approval I will get negatively because they are in the same boat trying to determine an autonomous positive life for their life too.

    It’s like saying “I believe I can do it, now will someone give me permission to succeed and tell me that I deserve to even live!!!”

    Yes we can and yes we have value, no we are not perfect but we all can reach and attain so much if we just believe and stop looking to other people for approval that never comes.

  22. hi Sean  A well throught out article and very true I found that my initial attempt at IM was
    sort of successful promoting an affiliate product made several 100 dollars .But after that its all gone wrong have been scratching around trying to promote this and then that etc But its never clicked again of course this creates a real negative attittude and with ny familltelling me to quite etc I have got into a real mental block
    But I have never used videos to get traffic and by stumbling upon your site I am going to learn from you how to make and promote video offers to get more traffic and success
    a bit long
    have agreat weekend whever you live in theWorld
    cheers peter mcgrath

  23. Well hello Sean, I am outwardly positive by nature however when it comes to taking control of my life the negative traits regain firm control.

    In my online business I do just enough to feel active but never enough to really “push it” as I seek to protect my big dream from failure. Undergoing hypnosis training to improve my mindset and believe that I can really do it, forget “what if” and focus on “lets see”

    igor Griffiths

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