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One-Way Linkbuilding Strategies to Explode Your Rankings

One-Way Linkbuilding StrategiesAs you probably know, understanding one-way linkbuilding strategies and building one-way links are incredibly valuable to your website for search engine optimization. These one-way links tell search engines that you are an authority in your particular niche or market. Google in particular, uses these incoming links as a way to determine value and this contributes to your page rank (PR) and helps you get higher ranking.

As Google has 80% market share when it comes to search engine results pages we need to make sure that we have lots of valuable one-way links targeting specific keywords pointing back to your website.I should also mention, that if you have too many one-way link’s too quickly (we are talking 1000s here), you could be penalized and either lose ranking or in the worst case be de-indexed. So let’s look at some very powerful one-way linkbuilding strategies that you can use right now.

Creating Core Content Others Find Invaluable

By creating good solid and valuable content, you will naturally attract links from other people who find your website. For example, good lists of information, tutorials, step-by-step guides and “how to” guides often attract a lot of interest and links.

Submit Your Site to Directories

You may have already submitted your site to many directories when you launch your site. If not, go ahead and submit your site to as many directories as you can and make sure you place your site in the relevant category. Directories don’t give as much value as they used to, but it’s still counted as a valuable link in many cases.

Place You RSS Feeds With RSS Directories

One often-overlooked source of one-way links is submitting your RSS feeds to RSS directories. This way every time there is a new piece of content in your RSS feed it instantly gets back links to this article. This deep linking can dramatically boost the raking of this page in the search engines. There are many RSS directories out there, and you can automate the submission of your RSS feeds to different directories using software like RSS Submit, which is a tool I use all the time.

Submit Articles to Article Directories

Article marketing is a very powerful way to build not only traffic but also valuable one-way links as well. This is one area of link building where you have ultimate control and can target your articles not only to specific keywords but also the volume of articles and distribution.

Social Network Marketing

If you use Twitter, Facebook, and many other social networks where you may be posting links, these can provide valuable one-way links. Many of the link shortening services we use such as Bit.ly, Tinyurl and is.gd all use 301 redirects, which can help our SEO efforts.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is an incredibly powerful way to build one-way links.  There are literally dozens of social bookmarking sites and you can either submit your pages manually or use automated software like Bookmarking Demon, SocialBot or online services like OnlyWire. These really simplify the entire process of placing your links onto the social bookmarking sites and can save many hours of hard work.

Press Releases

Incredibly valuable way to build powerful and high quality one-way links is to use press releases. This can be an expensive route to take if you use services like PR Web, etc. however, if you have the budget to have a large amounts with you won’t promote, your press releases can end up on many large high PR websites and these back links can really help with your page rank.

Forum Marketing

Forum marketing is a great way to build links and credibility in a particular market. Not only do you tap into existing target market of people who are active on this forum but each post you make contains your signature. If permissible your signature may contain a link back to a website depending on the site’s rule’s. If these links are dofollow links (they feed page rank to you) then this can be a great source of targeted link building for your website.

Hire Reputable One-Way Link Building Services

Link building can take time and if you don’t have the time to spare then you may be able to outsource all of you link building. I have used several services in the past, some good, some fantastic, and some absolutely terrible. Before you start hiring a link building company, check out their credentials, check the reviews of previous clients, and make sure the company you I can deliver on its promises. If you find a good provider of link building services, take full advantage of the opportunity presented to you and dominate the search engine for any of you wish. These are just a few of the most common methods that you can use to build links. Feel free to share your favorite methods and let us know how you build links to your websites.

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