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Marketing Ploys: The Fearsome Threesome

If you have the (dis)pleasure of watching commercials in between sports games or are subjected to watching CNN in the terminal of an airport while awaiting your next flight, chances are that you’ve seen some of the newest car commercials. One commercial that has caught my eye lately is the one for a new economy class car that comes in three styles and several snazzy colors. The commercial (which has a few different versions) starts off with an indie/hipster girl shopping for home furnishings, accessories and new boyfriends. When she gets to the car dealership, however, she finds that she ...

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local contacts

Local Contacts: They Really Do Matter

Local contacts are way more important than most internet marketers will lead you to believe. I know, I know, you think that because you’re promoting a website, you can do everything on the web and you no longer need those real-life schmucks. But let me tell you something from years of experience – you DO need those local contacts, and in more ways than you might think. Local contacts are your ticket to instant trust. Whereas in the online world, you have to earn trust by working your way through customer skepticism by posting real-looking testimonials and videos, offering plenty ...

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Local online advertising

Local Online Advertising: When Plain SEO Doesn’t Cut it

Local online advertising is one of those marketing strategies you must use when your website isn’t quite bulky enough, popular enough or well-established enough to make it in the search ranking by itself. If your local business or website doesn’t lend itself well to keyword phrase research, there are other ways you can make yourself prominent in the search engines without getting too fancy. Local online advertising is often performed on website directories like CitySearch, Google Places, Yahoo Local and more. There are several ways you can make sure your website – and therefore your business – gets found without ...

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4 Fundamental Foundations of Internet Marketing Success

There are some absolute basic areas and foundations of every internet marketing business that you should have. Even if you are an offline business with an online presence, you need to tap into these fundamentals to maximize your online success. Get Blogging Today It seems that everyone has a blog these days, right? Well, your business sites need them too to help boost your presence online. Empowering your business site with the potential reach of a targeted blog can help you in many areas. First of all you can give you tremendous advantages with search engine optimization and actually make ...

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Taking Your Profits Offline

Taking your profits offline If you were to choose between a free method of contacting people and a paid method, each one having its particular strong points and drawbacks, you would probably opt for the free method. Then if you were told that by using the paid method, you could in fact put your prices up, and actually get more out of a client than you could with the free method – would you rethink? Offline marketing has for some time been dominated by those with thousands of dollars to spend, and they spend it on a marketing campaign that ...

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