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Marketing’s Easy Button

Working in marketing is certainly a creative and rewarding job, but it isn’t always an easy job. According to U.S. News, Marketing Managers can receive a median salary of $115,000 per year and the job itself also ranks very high in job satisfaction. However, while most of the job seems like one that only most can dream of, the marketing profession also has its difficulties. Marketing is one of those professions that has a high level of stress. For the average employee, a high stress job can have a detrimental effect upon not only employee health but also on the ...

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Earning Consumer Trust

Have you ever worked with someone and then later realized they were not who you thought they were? Did you look at the work they did and realize you didn’t like it at all? How about becoming friends with someone and finding out they weren’t a good person? These things have happened to all of us and they are a big problem when they do. If you own a business these things become even more important and even more dangerous as well. You need to know that the people who work for you are representing your brand and your business ...

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Even Big Brands have that Oops Moment in Marketing

The importance of marketing cannot be understated. Not marketing your product can shut you out from an entire consumer base, while marketing your product poorly can lead cause your product to not appeal to consumers or to not be accepted at all. While it may seem that big brands know it all, the opposite is true. Big brands have failed, and frequently for not putting in the time and the time and consideration into developing a strong and successful marketing campaign. Below are the brands that have make the greatest marketing failures in history. Hopefully, as a small or developing ...

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Running a Marketing Campaign Without Being Overwhelmed

Marketing your business online can feel a little bit like trying to fill up a swimming pool with an eyedropper, right? There are so many people out there, and not everyone uses the same social media, frequents the same corners of the internet, or uses the same search engines. What’s a small business owner to do? While I know how you are feeling, honestly, I would advise you to take a deep breath and relax. Internet marketing does not have to be hard, complicated, or even all that time consuming, provided you focus your efforts in the right place and ...

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What to Do When Your Business Stops Growing

Some call it the “glass ceiling,” others simply call it a wall. Your business stops growing, yet you can’t pinpoint what’s holding you back. It’s not a lack of sales, poor marketing or any conventional problem. It just seems like you can’t make progress. What do you do?

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