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Amazon: Marketing to Target Millennials

In general, Amazon has been utilizing the online market for some time to generate revenue for its product sales. The decision to use this tactic has largely been the response to a growing trend in which consumers are increasingly using the web in order to conduct most of their purchases. However, while there are many consumers who are turning to the web to shop, there is also data that points to a different phenomenon. While consumers are buying online, they are only purchasing certain products or they are browsing products online and then going to a brick-and-mortar shop to buy ...

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Marketing Downfalls: Is Your Marketing Campaign Legal?

Marketing is a profession that is constantly changing and oftentimes, with changes come new rules and regulations. Unfortunately for most businesses and marketing managers, the legalities of marketing aren’t always thought of unless there is a legal team in place to dove out the basics. The truth is – marketing has elements that are legal and that are not legal. Understanding these basics can protect you in the long run and it can prevent your business from drifting into dangerous waters with the law. To best equip you, below is an overview of legal issues and concerns that you should ...

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Marketing in 2015: What You can Expect

While there certainly are outright strategies in the marketing world that you would never want to wholly abandon, there are others that you’ve perhaps noticed not to work as well as you hoped. With 2015 coming up, you want to be certain that you are well equipped with the latest marketing trends and strategies. Understanding what to expect for marketing in 2015 will ensure that you are able to provide the best marketing strategy for your brand, in turn generating the sales that you need to stay competitive and to become successful. Below you’ll find an overview of what most ...

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Learn from the Pros: Marketing Campaigns that Worked

Designing a marketing campaign isn’t always easy. Marketing campaigns take time, dedication, hard work, and a strong and knowledgeable team to get the job done. When analyzing marketing campaigns, one thing becomes clear, and that is that some campaigns stand out more than others. While creating a marketing campaign can be a challenge, the more challenging aspect is creating a successful campaign. Successful marketing campaigns aren’t as easy to attain, but when they happen, it is always best to take notice of them. Below is an overview of some of the best and most successful marketing campaigns of all time. ...

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Understanding Brand Loyalty

Building and cultivating a brand isn’t an easy job; it takes hard work, time, dedication, financing, and a great deal of professional work. These days, one of the main questions going around in the marketing world is whether it is still worthwhile to build brand loyalty. After all, according to Forbes Magazine, changing demographics and a cultural shift in the market is making it more difficult for brands to establish meaningful and lasting consumer engagement. However, just become something is more difficult does not mean that it shouldn’t be achieved. Building brand loyalty is just as important in today’s changing ...

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