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Offline Marketing – Without Face to Face

offline_easyThe small step to offline marketing can be a giant leap in income if you do it right. There are a lot of gurus who can guide you in this lucrative field, but regardless of how profitable it is, you have to be prepared to do something that 90% of other marketers will not do – and that is speak to people.

Whether you are speaking in person or over the telephone, you must know that there is some degree of person to person contact in this niche, and it pays off in spades. But what if you could have all the revenue of offline marketing, without the face to face selling?

If you think about selling offline, you think about cold calls, knocking on doors and sending out mail shots that are usually turned down flat by busy businessmen and women. Individuals who literally have no time to be sold to again, for the hundredth time that day. It doesn’t have to be like that, because it is all about how you set your stall out.

Instead of being the one who sells the product or service, you should let your work do that for you. This is what sells your business. Living proof that the person can make a better return on investment. Proof that their business can get more revenue by using your skills. Proof is everything. And it will sell your services better than any salesman ever could.

When you first start to plan your offline venture, simply offer your services free of charge to 5 – 10 people. This may seem like a lot of work for nothing, but if your services actually work, then it will not be a problem. Make sure the service you offer is 100% free, and they have no upsell. This will do two essential things for you:-

  • The client will be instantly interested in a free service that will generate revenue. They will have nothing to lose. If there service works, then they will give you a testimonial that a paid client never would.
  • Your work will become a word-of-mouth extravaganza. People will pass your name around as being trustworthy and good at what you do.

Ensure you get the testimonials done in audio as well as on your website. Just ask them to leave a voicemail message (that you can convert) regarding your service. Also, transcribe this testimonial, and post it on your site.

Now, approaching new businesses for work, you need only give them some results to look over, and some prices. No need to sell the service face to face. Just pass on the testimonial page, and a list of services, with your phone number. People love results, and want to be where the action is.

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