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Niche Product Review Webmaster? Check this Out

ebay-pulseWhen you are running a blog or website reviewing products, the chances are that you start on Amazon, with the best selling products.

The only problem with this, is that there are probably 500,000 other bloggers doing the same thing, trying to keep up with the biggest sellers on Amazon.

At this point, you will need a backup site. Where else can you find products that are best sellers…?

eBay Pulse

Not the first place people think of. For some reason, when we get into IM, we forget all about eBay. Maybe it is because of the fees, the fact that Paypal + eBay equals trouble, or just the fact that there’s no real opportunity for SEO etc. For whatever reason, eBay is usually at the bottom of marketers’ lists. It should be at the top of yours. Go to eBay pulse, and check out some of the categories that you would like to work in.

For example, crafts are a massive niche that is overlooked. As of today, Cricut Cartridge is the most searched for item in the category. Just a quick search on Google Adwords Keyword Tool revealed about six keywords that could be ranked for within days e.g. “cricut cartridge doodletype”, which has 500 searches a month, and a very low Allintitle.

Just spending a few minutes in a category on eBay Pulse will have you spinning with ideas and niche ideas. Try to steer clear of the home business and making money sections, however, because these sections tend to have regurgitated products that have been found on other sites. There are very little in the way of unique eBooks on eBay.

Once you have got your product and keyword from eBay, you can of course run a check on Amazon, and then your site will not only have good Adsense keywords, but you can also affiliate with Amazon to double up on the revenue.

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