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Niche Hunting Foundations

foundations_niche_huntingIn the main blog today we discussed niche finding and keyword finding. I cannot stress enough the power of going “super-niche” with certain topics. There’s no limit to how far into a niche you can go, though some people see the overall picture as too difficult to break into. Some people struggle to get past the first level of niche hunting, which is the top level niche. They will attack “weight loss” keywords like “lose belly fat” etc. and very rarely get anywhere with their marketing. If you go super-niche, and find the underlying keywords – thats where the gold lies.

A quick and easy way to do this, is by using the power of the internet – to take a look into the real world. Let me explain what I mean with an example. Out there in the real world, there are people taking part in hobbies and pastimes. They pay good money to enjoy these pastimes, like knitting, dog breeding, landscape gardening and more. Now, if you sit and think for a bit longer, almost all of these people had one thing in common. They all had to LEARN that craft, hobby or pastime. I’m sure if you sat and thought about just one hobby, you could find some great keyword modifiers for it associated with learning. Examples for “quilt making” and “quilting:”

  • Learn quilt making (obvious, of course)
  • Quilt making for beginners
  • Learn Quilting
  • Quilting for beginners
  • Dummy’s guide to quilt making
  • Teach yourself quilt making
  • Start Quilt making
  • Quilt making home study


Now these are literally off the top of my head. Now, if I enter those into a keyword ideas tool like Google Adwords Keyword Tool – I find that “quilting for beginners” is actually a niche keyword, with just under 2000 searches monthly, and a low allintitle & allinurl!

The best way to find a super-niche keyword, is to get into the mindset of the person you are going to market to. How, Why, When, Where are among the questions you should be asking. The above example yielded a keyword, and we only asked “How.” How did they get into the hobby, how do you start in quilting? The more questions you ask – the more niches you uncover!

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