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Newbies Learning From You?


Millions of bloggers will have the problem that some of their audience will hit their page, and be looking at how to make money on the internet – but they won’t have a CLUE what the blog is talking about.

Even stuff we as marketers consider to be jargon-free is in fact gibberish to a brand new virgin visitor who clicked on your link in the hope you could enlighten them to the mystery of online entrepreneurship.

The fact of the matter is, it’s a hard task to get a brand new and total newbie to understand the basic concepts of our industry. So what to do?

Always include a “Start Here” page. When a newbie hits your page, they need a guiding hand pointing them to a place of refuge from abbreviations and acronyms. Your best bet is literally going to an internet marketing forum, and noting down every single abbreviation you come across, and then explaining them in great detail as a sort of “jargon buster”. Amazingly, there are less and less webmasters doing this for their audience.

Yes, they may include a Start Here page, but on that page are the basic steps of building a site, and the details of what Pay Per Click is, or what a banner marketing campaign can do for you. It’s crazy, but it’s true. We really do not consider the absolute newbie sometimes, and think that the beginner instructions we put up are actually adequate. Unfortunately, we are not thinking 100 steps back, but rather 2 steps back. We explain what a blog is, but not what a host is. We explain how to write content, but not how to operate the CMS they are going to be using.

Generally, the best start-ups come from internet marketing blogs that go into minute detail on every aspect. They start at A, and instead of going to B, they include Aa Ab… There are hundreds of little steps in between how we started our blogging career or information selling, and the way we are doing business today. Should we tell them EVERYTHING we learned, good and bad? No… we should not. But we should give them insight into As many things as possible. This will do many things for your reputation, such as getting a huge following and return rate to your site, and it will also give you the one thing many people lack online – trust.

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