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Need a Product? Too Many Affiliates Already?

product_huntingMost people will be able to find a product to promote quite easily, by surfing Clickbank or Paydotcom for high converting guides and packages. The problem often is that these products are already all over the place on sites run by top professional affiliates, who spend a small fortune on outsourcing their SEO etc., and let’s be honest – are you willing to do that?

 A very easy method of finding a product, is right under your nose, and you probably never even considered it. If you have ever been to forums like Digital Point or The Warrior Forum, you will notice that they have a special offers forum or for sale section. These are often new marketer  magnets, and they get armies of viewers every day, buying eBooks and guides.

The thing is – there are lots of people selling as well as buying. This means that it can be overkill when you are looking for a new purchase to compliment your marketing or site building for example. So, if you head over there, you will see that there are movements on the boards, when products are bumped etc. A product launched today could be on page two or three tomorrow – it happens that quickly.

What most new marketers do not realise is that there are MANY pages on these ‘for sale’ sections, and there are some seriously good value products on there. This is where the method comes into play.

If you look on The Warrior Forum for example, you will see that they have 223 pages of offers. If you go right to about page 200 for example, and look for a thread with lots of views and replies, and find a method that you like the sound of. Now, contact the author, and ask them if they would like to work on a joint venture with you. You will market their product for 50% revenue share.

All that will usually be required is a quick rewrite by the author, and a rehash of the ebook cover at best. You can then sell it on your site for a VERY cheap price, and refer to all the testimonials the author got on the forum!

Most authors will go for this, as they no longer want to pay for marketing on the product. There will be some that continue to market it mainstream, but on the whole – few revitalize a product when it is maybe 12 months old.

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  1. You make a very good point here about reutilizing product when it is 12 months old. I have only recently discovered that my self. Warmly, Susan

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