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More Website Traffic: The Best Free Methods

More website traffic means more potential sales, More website trafficand that means more money for you. But how to acquire more website traffic than you’re getting now is the clincher. Try to view website traffic like a bridge: it is the one thing that takes you from less earnings to more earnings. But you have to do it right. If you use shady methods of getting free traffic, you’ll burn your bridges before they’re even built.

Getting more website traffic through a reputable means isn’t hard; you just have to be diligent in following through the process of making sure your website pages are submitted to all the proper site feeds and social networks. But it takes more than back linking to get more website traffic. Here’s how.

Using Better Content to Get More Website Traffic

Sometimes the reason you’re not getting as much traffic as you want isn’t due to too much competition in the search engines. Sometimes it’s due to operator error. That means you need to fix your content before the search engines will reward you by giving you the opportunity for more traffic.

Improving your content is a great way to do that. This improvement could entail a lot of different options. First, you could start adding images to each of your web pages. Adding a unique image for each piece of content adds interest for the reader and gives you the opportunity to please the search engines. Be sure to include an image title and alternate text using your targeted keyword phrase for best results.

Other times, you need to improve the actual quality of your content. Is your article less than 400 words? Beef it up a little bit. Did you fulfill in the article what you promised in the title? If not, users will hit the back buttons on their browsers, and the search engine that drove them there will make note of that.

Updating Your Website for More Website Traffic

If you haven’t added new content or made changes to the old content in a while, don’t expect Google to do you any favors. Search engines look for new, fresh content, not the old stuff that’s been sitting around a while.

Some website owners tend to think of their websites as wine or cheese: it gets more valuable as it ages. To some extent this is true, but only if you dust off your wine bottles on a regular basis to keep the cobwebs from accumulating. Make a schedule for yourself, and do one of two things to keep your website driving traffic. First, add new articles on a regular basis. Daily or weekly is best for a blog, while weekly or bi-weekly is ideal for a website. Of course, you can always add more content if you so desire.

This process gives you a chance to get more website traffic than ever before with social networks. Every time you add a new piece of content, you need to link to that content in your Facebook and Twitter feeds. Upload a video to YouTube every so often, and that can help boost your ratings when added to an article on your website. Either way, the more website traffic options you keep open, the better.

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