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More Ways to Market for Fall This Year

Today I think I’ll pick up where I left off with the last post about priming your internet customer base for the fall season. And in doing so, I would like to challenge you to, yet again, expand your horizons on which topics to choose in marketing to your current or brand new customer base.

We already talked about putting up sites and blogs and videos on Halloween and Thanksgiving recipes, costumes, decorations and so forth. But have you thought about expanding into other realms of the fall season? Think about how much you could write about (even if you can’t directly market for it) when it comes to things that go on in the fall.

Fall Festivities and Projects to Capitalize On

There’s a lot more to fall than simply Halloween and Thanksgiving. Have you heard your wife or your friends talk about needing to do semi-annual deep cleaning around the house? Fall cleaning is pretty popular, as bugs and spiders are scrambling to find places to live during the cold winter season. Maybe you can write about products you use to keep these varmints away, deep clean windows to get the summer scum off of them and keep them nice for winter, or how best to get your garage back in shape after the kids made a mess while school was out of session.

If you like to cover “home and garden” type themes, there is plenty of demand online. Think about it – it’s not too trendy and not very glamorous. So in essence, you shouldn’t really have that much competition when it comes to covering such topics. Just accent your posts with some pretty fall pictures, add them to your Facebook fan page and Pinterest boards, and again, you’ll start to gather a great following.

What else can you think of? In my mind, Octoberfest can be a pretty big deal. With all the sports on TV and fall scents in the air around the country, Octoberfest parties and get togethers are very popular. Hey, it’s an excuse to break out the beer and some pretty good finger food! And guess what – wives of those sports fans are going to be searching for fresh ideas for food, drinks, snacks and desserts! If you play your cards right, your website can provide them with exactly what they’re looking for!

In a future blog post, I would like to touch a little on how you can capitalize on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, so I won’t spoil it all now, BUT… consider it your homework to be thinking about how your existing websites or Facebook fan pages can be used to promote something for these ever-popular fall activities. You can make bank on these holidays if you prepare yourself for them!

Use these ideas that I’ve given you to create ideas for your sites, videos, slideshows, fan pages, pinboards, Twitter updates and more. Don’t forget to use plenty of multimedia to stand out from the competition!


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