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Make my site mobile friendly

Make My Site Mobile Friendly the Free Way

Make my site mobile friendly – these words come out of the mouths of a lot of people I know. But the thing is, they want it done for free. They don’t want to invest one extra cent to take advantage of more than 60% of the marketplace (for certain niches). Well for all you cheapskates out there, here’s some good news. There ARE ways to make your website mobile friendly without spending a fortune. Thanks to Google, you can now visit one web page to choose from a list of mobile developers who are offering free or low-cost deals ...

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Going Mobile With Your Business?

It is strange to think that the mobile industry is almost five times as large as the internet, but its a fact. Everyone lives on their phone. They use it for the internet, but primarily, they used phones way before the web even sat on a PC. If you have been wondering how your business can get involved in mobile marketing, then you are ahead of the majority of your competition. Mobile marketing now is seen as the latest and greates craze, and yet there have been savvy marketers seriously earning a fortune, secretly, without hardly any outlay. Its no ...

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Time to Go Mobile?

You would have to be crazy to not want a slice of the mobile phone market. If you check your emails on your mobile, and use apps, then you know the significance of mobile advertising. Every app has the ability to display ads at the footer of the screen, which would ideally be relevant to the viewer. Just like Facebook, Apple’s iAd platform allows businesses to advertise using demographics and personal preferences. This is the way forward for contextual and interstitial ads, because rather than hitting a broad “everyman” demographic with other ad agencies, you can literally pinpoint the people ...

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Mobile Apps for IM?

You may have seen the mobile eBooks, iPhone apps, Android apps and Facebook apps that are tipped to be the biggest thing on the internet since time began. Well, the problem with these apps is that nobody has a real idea about how their business can actually get into the marketplace and stand alongside the already well placed companies. If you have an eBook or product you think would appeal to mobile users, who want to access your content on the move, the process is quite simple.

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