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Should You Build a Mobile App?

Walk into a room of entrepreneurs and sooner or later, you’re going to run into someone who says: “I’m building an app!” Perhaps they run a web business. Maybe they own a restaurant. Or they make a physical product. It seems like everybody’s jumping on the app bandwagon, regardless of what industry they’re in. By and large, most people who put the time and energy into creating an app end up with a negative return. For most businesses, it’s just not worth the effort. How do you know if building an app is right for your business?

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The Impact of Having a Great Mobile Website

Nothing says you have an up to date company like having a whopper of a mobile website. I know, you hear me harp on this a lot, but I still have yet to see many internet marketers get themselves a nice, shiny, new mobile friendly website. Perhaps it’s because they just don’t see the benefits of making their websites friendly for mobile devices. Apparently many of you need some more convincing. If so, here are a few (more) of my reasons why you need to get on this right away! Why I Know You Should Have a Mobile Website There’s ...

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Making Your Affiliate Site Phone-Friendly

Mobile friendly sites are more profitable than non-mobile friendly sites in this era of internet marketing than they ever were before. The statistics behind this phenomenon become ever more staggering. You know a trend is here to stay when Google writes a whole book about it (which they aptly titled, “The Mobile Playbook,” available for free online). As I’ve touched on in many posts before, making your site mobile friendly is more important than ever. If your site can’t be seen on a mobile device, you’re not going to make any sales from potential customers who are without a doubt ...

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Driving mobile traffic

Simple Ways Your Can Drive Floods of Mobile Traffic to Your Site…

Driving mobile traffic to your website is getting easier these days with more people owning mobile devices around the globe. I just read a rather disturbing statistic this morning that said something to the effect that more people around the world have some sort of mobile device than have a toothbrush. Not only is this disgusting, but it just goes to show how increasingly important it is for you to make sure your website caters to mobile users as well as computer users. There’s more to encouraging mobile traffic than just making your site mobile friendly. You have to make ...

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Local mobile marketing

Local Mobile Marketing Tactics

Local mobile marketing takes your regular marketing to a new level. Mobile marketing is now taking up over a 50% share of online profits in some niches, many of which are IM-related. More people than ever are searching from their iPads and other tablet devices, not to mention their Blackberry phones and iPhones. If your site is not already mobile friendly, you’re way behind the curve. Local mobile marketing takes a little different perspective than regular mobile marketing. It will obviously be a little bit easier if you’re writing a generic blog about how to get rid of acne that ...

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