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Top Mobile Apps for Your Brand’s Success

As apps become more popular and powerful, many entrepreneurs and business owners are seeing the need in these savvy tools as a way to help grow their business and run their brand more smoothly. The best apps are those that are rethinking the way we currently consume news, culture, information, and more. After all there are lot more to mobile apps than just Angry Birds. With the added benefit of always being available right there in your pocket, apps are an essential tool for many brands pushing the boundaries of business software. Here are a few of the top mobile ...

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LinkedIn: 6 Ways You can Succeed

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn – there are so many different social networks out there that it can be difficult to settle on one, particularly if you are a busy entrepreneur looking to build your business. While all of these are great in their own right, only LinkedIn was designed specifically to be a business networking site, so that is where we are going to keep our focus today. I’ve heard it before, and you may have said it before: What is the point of putting my name and profile out there, and do I stand a chance of this having ...

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Marketing Downfalls: Is Your Marketing Campaign Legal?

Marketing is a profession that is constantly changing and oftentimes, with changes come new rules and regulations. Unfortunately for most businesses and marketing managers, the legalities of marketing aren’t always thought of unless there is a legal team in place to dove out the basics. The truth is – marketing has elements that are legal and that are not legal. Understanding these basics can protect you in the long run and it can prevent your business from drifting into dangerous waters with the law. To best equip you, below is an overview of legal issues and concerns that you should ...

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Running a Marketing Campaign Without Being Overwhelmed

Marketing your business online can feel a little bit like trying to fill up a swimming pool with an eyedropper, right? There are so many people out there, and not everyone uses the same social media, frequents the same corners of the internet, or uses the same search engines. What’s a small business owner to do? While I know how you are feeling, honestly, I would advise you to take a deep breath and relax. Internet marketing does not have to be hard, complicated, or even all that time consuming, provided you focus your efforts in the right place and ...

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Marketing on the Run: A Campaign Devoted to Busy Non-Readers

Go outside, hop on a subway, or take a walk around your local mall, and it becomes blatantly obvious just how dependent on digital devices people have become. In 2013, a Pew Research Center survey discovered that for the first time since it began keeping track, a majority of Americans owned some kind of smartphone – a statistic that should not be lost on you or anyone else who owns a business. Because of the nature of smartphones, this proves that Americans are reading, but they certainly are not reading like they used to. Instead of pouring over newspapers or ...

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