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Media Buys: How to Make Your Revenue Soar

When it comes to the marketing industry, nothing ever really comes easy. A lot of strategies and tips are challenging to implement, especially if you aren’t a seasoned professional in the field. However, while you may not have things come easy to you in the marketing world, at least you can hope that there are ways to make things easier.

One particular area worth focusing on is media buys. Media buys is the process of purchasing media inventory for advertising. After you purchase a media buy, the advertisement of your choice is visible to your target audience.

You usually find media buys through social media websites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and even LinkedIn. Not only are media buys an effective solution for generating leads and getting your brand out there, but they are also a wonderful want to generate revenue if you use them correctly.

If you’re currently a bit lost on how to use media buys, then below is your ultimate guide to implementing this strategy. It may take you time at the onset, but eventually, you’ll become a pro at using media buys to generate revenue for your brand.

Media Buys that Prompt Your Customers to Purchase More

In the marketing world, the incentive approach is one of the most successful. Brands that offer their customers a range of incentives that are worthwhile are able to increase revenue, generate leads, and improve the brand.

In terms of media buys, you can easily use media buys to generate revenue by implementing an incentive approach. For example, on your media buy advertisement, you can advertise to your potential customers and followers that if they make a certain numer of purchases, then they are entitled to a promotional code that will give them a discount on their next item.

With this strategy, not only are you making more initial sales, but you are also gaining sales through the additional items that are being sold, even if there is a discount involved. You can also sweeten the deal by providing a discount for the first item bought or an item that is relatively new.

This way, you’re creating visibility and interest in both your current products and products that are new. The deals that you implement from the social media ad busy should be exclusive for your social media followers. This way, you’ll be able to prompt more users to like your social media page because they’ll do so with the belief that they’ll get discount codes too – which they should.

Engage with Your Fan Base

There is no worse thing that a brand can do than ignore followers on social media, especially followers that inquire about the brand or certain products and services that are offered. If you really want to build a positive relationship with your followers and incentivize individuals to buy what you have to offer, you should work on building a relationship with your fan base.

To build a relationship with your fan base, you should reply to their inquiries about your social media ad. Write a response, explain how happy your brand is that they enjoy your products, and suggest other products that they may be interested in.

You can use your social media buys to your brand’s advantage, which ultimately leads to satisfied customers and those who are willing to buy more from your brand. As a result, you’re building trust with your fan base and you’re also selling products and generating revenue to meet your brand’s financial goals.

If you really want your social media followers to feel appreciated, you can write a response to their comments and even offer them a special discount. This will also lead your followers to engage even more with your brand and to buy more.

Ads About Products

Your followers on social media may be your brand’s fans, but that doesn’t mean that they are going to check your website every single day for product updates and new features or for items that are on sale. Therefore, instead of waiting for your customers and new customers to come to you, you should bring the products and services to them through your social media ad buys.

When advertising on social media, your ad buys should represent new products that you’re offering, current items that are on sale, or items that your customer base has to look forward to. By featuring these items, you are keeping your customer base updated about what you have to offer and what you will be offering. In addition and more importantly, you are also directing your social media fan to your webpage – which means that you shouldn’t forget to include a link to your page.

By linking to brand’s page, it’s a given that there will be many followers checking out your page and making more purchases. As a result, you can be certain that you’re going to generate more revenue with this strategy. The landing page that your viewers hit should feature both products that are on sale and those that are new or upcoming.

With that, you’re showing shoppers what they want to see and what they can expect to see in the near future when they visit your site again – and when they do, they’ll continue to buy more.

Advertise at Peak Hours

Social media buys are a great tool for generating revenue, but only if you use them correctly and at the right time. Many brands make the mistake of using social media buys at all hours of the day – even hours where there are not many users online. Not only does this lead to wastefulness, but it also causes your brand to incur an expense that isn’t going to have the return that it could have.

As a result, when you use social media buys, you want to make sure that you are doing so at peak hours. While these social media buys are certainly going to cost more, you can also expect to gain more revenue because most users are going to be able to see the ad when it is displayed.

Also, there are important times throughout the year where you need to vamp up your social media advertising campaign. The best time of year to focus on is the holiday season. At this point, you should be using social media buys at a high rate because most users are looking for great online deals and when your brand is there offering those deals – you can be certain that your brand is the one that the viewer is going to visit.

Social Media for Customer Service

Another way to boost sales via social media ads is to use your social media page as an avenue for customer service inquiries. You should spend time answering questions, addressing problems, and meeting your customer’s needs. As your brand handles issues on social media, you can advertise the positive impact it has been having on your brand’s users.

By advertising the positive impact that customer service methods have been having, you’ll be able to instate faith and trust in your brand and as a result, users will be more likely to visit your page and make a purchase. Just don’t forget to adds links to your web page or particular products so users can conveniently reach items to buy.

A shopping Cart on the Social Media Page

Sometimes, customers are just looking for total convenience in terms of your brand, even when they are visiting your social media page. Some social media accounts allow you to prompt your customers to shop, all without leaving the social media page.

You can advertise this new feature to your users, thereby prompting them to buy more products via your social media account. Obviously, you don’t want to advertise in a manner that seems pushy or forceful, as this strategy will lead customers away. What you do want to do though is to advertise in a gentle and friendly manner, one that is going to be effective for both the customer and the brand.

Multiple Social Media Accounts

Lastly, when implementing this strategy, you want to ensure that you are using multiple social media accounts and advertising on those accounts. By expanding your visibility through many social media pages, you’ll be able to generate more sales because multiple visitors will be viewing the advertisements that you are posting. While it may cost you more, you’ll certain gain more of a return through this strategy.


In sum, media buys are some of the most useful tools that you can implement when developing your social media marketing strategy. With the tips above, you’ll be able to effectively boost revenue and reach a point where you feel confident in your brand’s capabilities.

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