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Maximizing Exposure = Vlogging for Marketers

Quite often on this site I preach about using Youtube as an outlet to reach the masses.  In the last year or so, many of the top marketers in the game have put more time and effort than ever into their Youtube marketing endeavors.  Why you may ask?  Simply put; Youtube videos allow marketers engage with their consumer base on a more personal level, while also reaching a broader audience.  In this article, we are going to cover Vlogging (blogging with videos).  Here’s an example of why vlogging can be as effective (if not more) than blogging with only text.

Example 1:  I have a written article explaining why my dog training product is so effective.  I outline the benefits using power words that grasp the attention of the reader and give a call to action to click on the link to my sales page at the end.

Example 2: I have created a video that SHOWS how effective my dog training product is.  Viewers no longer see me as just some guy with a website, but as a man with a face and a personality.  Viewers can hear the conviction in my voice as I cover the benefits of my product.  At the end, I implore them to click on the link to my sales page so they can check it out themselves.

Though both methods have proven effective, videos allow for greater engagement and allow the marketer to inject a bit of personality into each video.  PLUS, the likelihood of your work going viral greatly increases with the use of videos as more people share videos via social media than text.  Also, there is a great deal of people that prefer to relax and watch a 5 minute video rather than read a page of text that says the exact same thing.   We know this because Vlogs are extremely popular on the web.  One of the more popular Vlogs on Youtube is called “Shane Dawson’s Daily Vlog”.  This Vlog created by a guy in his mid 20’s that does short 5 minute comedy bits, has acquired over 3 million subscribers and just shy of 459 million views.

Unless they become some sort of Youtube celebrity, most marketers probably won’t see the same numbers as Shane Dawson, but that doesn’t mean that it still isn’t an effective tool for generating traffic to your site and revenue into your pocket.

So here are the fundamental tips to beginning a Vlog:

Be different.  No one wants to see a carbon copy of another video log

Be an expert within your niche.  Do your research prior to creating a video.  Youtube viewers WILL leave a negative comment of the information presented is factually incorrect, and believe it or not, most people that view a video will check the comment section to read what others have to say. 

Have something interesting to say.  Maybe point out the myths within your industry?  Go against the grain.  Be edgy, but be ready to support your argument with factual evidence. 

Try to set up a video posting schedule.  This will allow subscribers to know when to expect your most recent work to be published. 

Expect criticism.  As I mentioned above, Youtube viewers have a knack for leaving negative comments on just about any video, whether they are right or wrong.  Do not take it personally.  You may issue a rebuttal, but do NOT get into a heated argument.  That will reflect poorly on your business.

If you haven’t noticed, none of the tips include camera work or video production at all.  The reason?  It really doesn’t matter.  Sure, videos that have awesome production value will gain more viewers, but the content within the video is what really matters.  There are plenty of professional Vloggers that make a healthy living using portable cameras, the camera on their computer, and some even simply use the camera on their phone.  This doesn’t mean that you should offer sloppy editing and production, but you don’t require a professional camera crew to get started.

Vlogging can be a healthy addition to any marketing campaign.  Videos can be created quickly and yield outstanding results.  If you’re looking for a new outlet to reach your target market, then perhaps you should add Vlogging on Youtube as part of your marketing plan for 2014.

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  1. Great Post! Its been a lot easier to convert viewers to signing up for my newsletter, and thats because I do a video blog. Real estate investing is saturated, but with my real, honest diary of how to be a real estate investor, spoken through video, and people trust me. They can easily LISTEN or view the audio while doing chores, working, etc, but they can see my conviction, that I am a normal person with some knowledge to share, not a slick talking salesmen.

    Thanks for voicing this, lets me know I am on the right track.

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