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Marketing to the Masses: Understanding the Inner Consumer

Achieving internet marketing success is more than just creating products and sales pages with flashy text that promise fulfillment. Sure, this will work in some cases, but the initial success may be fleeting. Some simply strike gold. However, the REAL key to success is understanding WHY people make the buying choices that they do. It’s through this understanding that will allow you to replicate this initial success over and over again in any niche that you decide to enter.

Believe it or not, the majority of consumers (myself included) have a sort of “buyer’s mindset.” Deep within our subconscious, we all share the same basic wants and desires, even if our motivations are vastly different. Though we are all unique in our own way, we all have the same innate impulses that influence our purchasing choices.

There are certain buttons within the human psyche that, once pressed, strongly influence our buying choices. Through understanding these subconscious triggers we can uncover WHY certain marketing methods work so well. By understanding WHY they work, you will be able to successfully execute them in any niche you desire, over and over again.

Are You Not Entertained?

I want you to think back for a moment…

How many internet marketing courses have you purchased? How many free reports have you downloaded? How many incredibly informative blog posts have you read on the subject? If used correctly, these alone should be enough to create a successful online business.

Here’s another question. Why do you continue buying products, downloading reports and reading blog posts if you already have enough information to accomplish what you want? The truth is, we enjoy reading blog posts, downloading reports, and purchasing these products because they entertain us.

Interestingly enough, you will see this same phenomenon occur in every single niche. For sheer entertainment value, people will continuously consume information even if they never actually implement it.

This is just one example of how consumers are a part of this “buyer’s mindset”. The need for entertainment is a strong driving force that many cannot seem to ignore, even if it doesn’t seem necessary.

As an internet marketer, you can capitalize on this by creating material that is entertaining to read, watch, or listen to. Whether it is informative, controversial, wildly inappropriate, or simply FUN, people will buy your products if they believe it will be entertaining in some way, even if they don’t intend to take action on the information presented.

People are NOT Always Looking for What’s Best, They Often Want What’s EASIEST

Who’s going to buy a video called “30 Minute Abs” when it’s sitting on the shelf next to a product called “7 Minute Abs”? Consumers want instant gratification and will be willing to pay good money for it. This doesn’t mean that you should create products that promote bogus claims, but perhaps you could offer additional information that compliments your product that does actually provide a quick solution to a problem your target consumer has.

I could develop a product that explains the entire process of Facebook marketing. This product could thoroughly show consumers how to create a business model that pulls in a lot of money. However, the entire business model could take months to fully get going, so, I would add in information that feeds the desperate need for instant gratification. For instance, I could add an additional guide called “Likes in Seconds” that shows my audience how to pull in massive amounts of Facebook followers starting from day 1.

On the sales page, I would be crazy not to highlight the section that explains “Likes in Seconds” as it would undoubtedly be a major selling point.

People Will Buy into “The Dream”

Internet marketing absolutely exploded in 2007 when Tim Ferriss published his book, The 4 hour Workweek. The book entailed tails of traveling the world, entering kickboxing tournaments in Thailand, Skiing on exotic mountains, and meeting new people, all while making tens of thousands of dollars a month on auto-pilot.

Needless to say, countless people began to pursue internet marketing after they saw what one man achieved. They wanted to live the same lifestyle. Not only did that book become a best seller, but sales in MMO (make money online) products surged. They bought into the dream of striking it rich while only working a few hours a day and having the flexibility to live anywhere in the world simultaneously.

Of course, this wasn’t a rare occurrence either. I see this phenomenon all the time on sales pages. Here’s a fun headline I once saw…

“I used to live in a van down by the river but now EARN UP TO $18,497 PER CUSTOMER”

You can bet your bottom dollar that people purchased that product because they bought into the dream of making that much money. “If a guy that was so down on his luck that he was living in a van, then I can do it too!”

Perceived Value Sells Real Value

Take a look at the left hand corner of my site. You’ll notice that I offer a trial for $1. Obviously, $1 isn’t going to provide a significant stream of income for me, so why wouldn’t I offer the trial for free?

That $1 adds a sense of perceived value to my trial. Even though it’s a miniscule amount to pay, more people sign up because they view my trial differently since I charge a fee. Regardless of whether I charge or not, the value of my trial is incredibly high, but in the mind of the consumer, the value is increased simply because I require a larger commitment to obtain it, leading to more people having signed up because of it.

People are Conditioned to Follow

This boils down to the general construct of our society. There is always someone to answer to; someone we trust to lead the way. Those that can effectively separate from the herd and establish themselves as a leader will be able to better influence their audience.

This is the importance of becoming an authority figure within your niche. Provide enough value for your audience so that they view you as the “go to” person in your field, and you will undoubtedly reap the benefits.

People Want to Be a Part of Something

The most influential marketers create an entire community around their brand. One of the most successful I’ve seen of late is in the fitness niche. Mark Sisson created a site called Mark’s Daily Apple. After being branded as an authority, Mark created a forum for his audience to interact. Since then, his site has skyrocketed in popularity because it allowed like minded people to come together.

I dare you to go onto that forum and question Mark’s teachings. Chances are, you will be met by a host of ravenous posts, wildly defending their perceived leader. Mark provided an outlet for people that believe the same nutrition principles as he does, and has thoroughly benefitted from it.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should create a forum for your site. Forums are notoriously difficult to launch and manage. You can do the same thing by interacting with your audience through social media or by using the comment section at the bottom of your blog posts.

This Stuff is Cool

The human psyche is a fascinating subject. Marketers have been studying principles of psychology and sociology for generations in order to find what makes their consumers tick.

As an internet marketer, you should never limit yourself to only learning about software and SEO. By understanding how your

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