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Leveraging Ezine Article Expert Authors

Ezine articles is a phenominally powerful place to advertise your websites, and affiliate products. With millions of daily views, the site is so powerful that Google will often rank their pages higher than fully equipped websites that are supposedly authority sites. You can also find articles on just about any subject, that are both well written, and quite detailed. This is usually down to Ezine’s fairly strict policy, and well educated editors. Article marketing can explode your SEO methods, and is great for any kind of niche. But have you been doing it all wrong? The first thing you need ...

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Holy Niche Hunting! Find a Niche in Under 60 Seconds

The worst thing any new internet marketer will ever face is the blank-page feeling when it comes time to build your first site – and you haven’t got a CLUE what niche to attack. Sure, every guide always throws together a quick ‘niche hunting’ step by step for good measure, but how do you find the main niche? What usually happens, is you will read a guide that tells you how to build quick autoblogs for example, and at the end, or in the step by step for niche hunting, they will say – “…now look at the most popular ...

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Social Media Marketing – How to Spot the Influencers

It seems that every day social networking is becoming more and more part of our daily lives. In each of these areas of social networking, depending on the interests and market, there are people who have major influence. These authority figures will greatly affect our decision-making process and the decision-making process a your target market as they have created the “Authority” and garnered the trust of their follower base.

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