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Market Research

Market Research Sample Strategies

Have you got a good market research sample? Do you really understand your market? Do you have a good idea of who you’ll average customer really is? For example, do you know how old your average customer is? Do you know what the average household income is? If you close your eyes and created a mental picture of your customer, is that picture clear? Nine times out of ten the answer is no for many internet marketers and affiliate marketers. By really identifying and gathering the good market research sample of your audience, you really do position your self to ...

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Out With the Old, In With the PPV?

Pay per view or PPV is now rapidly becoming known in the industry as the latest way to market products and lead capture. The only problem with an emerging market like PPV is the fact that there’s so much misinformation, that people are running headlong into it, without asking the questions they should. If you think you need PPV in your business model, then you need to do the math, and ensure its not a shot to nothing.

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Surprisingly Easy Niche and Keyword Research

I get asked a lot of questions about niche research, and we have managed to put out some good information on the blog and in the members area about this subject. However, you can never have too much of a good thing, so here’s another seriously fast & easy way to grab a niche that is profitable, and can make you money very quickly.

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Thinking Small

The very second you buy your first eBook that tells you how to get ranked on Google, or generate millions of visitors to your website, or how to get floods of Twitter followers bouncing around your site, you will be keen to offer the general public the most spectacular product or service possible, and start raking in the money. Unfortunately for most, this story ends with very little in the way of visitors, and can also end up being a waste of money if you are not bum marketing. The way to get ahead is to think small.

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Surveys Are the key to Your Success

Market research is a very easy route to making a lot of money. If you know what your customers really want and need, then all you have to do is server it up to them on a silver platter, and reap the rewards. So why doesn’t everyone do it on a regular basis? The problem usually is that when a marketer gets an idea, they want to get straight down to business and get it out to the public. They know that there is a market there for them – but they’re not sure how BIG that market is. So, ...

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