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New Product Idea

Is Your New Website or Product a Good Idea?

You’ve got a brilliant new idea. Perhaps it’s a new web app, like Basecamp. Perhaps it’s a completely new technology or approach. Or maybe it’s a physical product. How do you know if your idea is viable? There are a few key signs to look out for. Of course, nothing is ever certain – but having these signs will take you a long way.

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Social Media Research

Social Media Research: 5 Ways to Gather Intelligence

Social media can be a fantastic source of data. It can tell you what your audience is thinking. It can predict how well future promotions will perform. It can give you insights into your competitors’ minds. It can help you shape your business. Fortune 500 companies spend millions of dollars a year on social media research. Fortunately, you can use social media to shape your plans as well – without having to spend an arm and a leg. Here are five free (or inexpensive) ways to gather intelligence on social networks: Method #1: Paid Ads Split Tests This method is ...

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More Ways to Market for Fall This Year

Today I think I’ll pick up where I left off with the last post about priming your internet customer base for the fall season. And in doing so, I would like to challenge you to, yet again, expand your horizons on which topics to choose in marketing to your current or brand new customer base. We already talked about putting up sites and blogs and videos on Halloween and Thanksgiving recipes, costumes, decorations and so forth. But have you thought about expanding into other realms of the fall season? Think about how much you could write about (even if you ...

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Keywords to Use for Marketing Fall Holiday Niches

Have you noticed how hard it is to pick keywords these days? Not only does Google have a rather (in some opinions) skewed way of awarding top results these days with the way their algorithms are developed, but so many of the good keywords have been totally swept up and inundated! Applying this mindset to picking keywords for fall holidays can make for quite a conundrum. I myself plugged some keyword ideas in Google’s keyword tool today and was rather unhappy with the results I found for keywords that I thought FOR SURE would stick. But alas, it was back ...

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Fall Trends You Need to Take Advantage of NOW!

Fall is officially in full swing, and that means you might want to start looking at some new marketing opportunities online. Fall is home to two of the most popular holidays of the year and is the immediate precursor to our favorite holiday of all – Christmas! Perhaps you’re not the type to want to rush Christmas or Thanksgiving before you even see Halloween candy for sale at the grocery store. But like it or not, customers are buying up supplies for all three holidays far in advance. Each year it seems to get a little earlier and earlier, but ...

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